My Life Series: Prequel to The Brothers of Camelot by Necie Navone – Review by Shannon Fowler

My Life Series: Box Set: Prequel to Brothers of CamelotMy Life Series: Box Set: Prequel to Brothers of Camelot by Necie Navone
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Wow I love this box set! I read each of these books before they were in the box set but having them all together is even better!

My Hidden Life- book one- is about the Canzano Family but more importantly Alessandra or Aless, as she is called. She is a naive, sweet and seemingly sheltered little girl for most of this story. As she grows up, we learn that she is not so sheltered. She sees and knows things. Her father is Capo or captain of the Mafia Family. And is feared by all. He is grooming Aless to take over the Family and all their dealings. This story and her training start out when she is just 6 years old. Capo is easily one character I can hate.

My Tragic Life is easy to read except when Aless become a killing machine to protect her family. I loved watching her grow and learn through-out these stories. Her feelings about the “men” in her life, especially Grayson and Luigi make me laugh, blush and sigh right along with her. She is probably the strongest female character I have ever read about. Even though Aless didn’t show much emotion during a rather difficult situation, as a reader I sure cried like a baby. This book sure leaves a lot of question for the next one! I can’t wait to see where the Brothers of Camelot come into play.

My Free Life – book three- Great conclusion to the build up of Aless’s life as a mafia princess! This book was easy to read even while I was holding my breath as to what could happen next. I really expected more from Capo/Papa, the jerk face, however I am sure we haven’t heard the last from him. I love how Aless’ men follow her, protect her and really have her back when times got tough.

Highly recommend this box set and can’t wait for more from this author!

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