Matt’s Swirly World: Children’s Book by Madeleine Matthews

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Matt’s Swirly World: Children’s Book by Madeleine Matthews


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Genre – Children’s book

Page Count – 24 pages

Cover Designer – Emanuela Ntamack

Goodreads –

When children are young their emotions come in peaks and valleys. Sometimes they’re super excited, sometimes they’re sad, and sometimes they lose control and express themselves by throwing a temper tantrum.

These outbursts of emotions are common for parents and kids of all walks of life and can be leveraged by parents who want to teach impulse control, improved behavior, and better mindfulness.

That’s why Matt’s swirly world was written to help parents understand the “why” behind a tantrum as well as what’s going on inside their child’s brain when they’re acting out, feeling scared, or reacting to stressful situations.

An adorable journey featuring a mother and her young son, this book is a great reminder about how all emotions are accepted and that proper behaviors can be learned by kids and taught by moms and dads. In fact, your love is the perfect space where emotions can be processed, expressed, and shared together.

In this book parents will learn how mindfulness helps kid’s create better coping skills, but also a variety of other useful tools, including:

How love can be used to process emotions and support positive behaviors

Why feelings of anger and frustration come and go and are non-threatening

How a calm voice and demeanor can soothe a child and minimize meltdowns

Providing children relief from stress, anxiety, or big feelings and emotions

How children often mimic the behaviors of their mothers and fathers

Moving forward and adapting to behavioral changes in the future

This is an opportunity to learn and grow as a parent while teaching your child valuable mindfulness and self-control skills they can use long into adulthood. And it should be the first book you read on tantrums, emotions, and how to inspire positive behaviors each and every day.

When you need help better understanding why your child feels or acts they way they do in times of crisis, or you just want to connect with them on a deeper level, learn more about temper tantrums and emotional control with Matt’s swirly world – Helping Parents Understand Tantrums to Create Mindful Kids.


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Aspiring contemporary ballerina, commercial poet, grateful wife and mother. Certified Life Coach, BA Finance, MA Statistics ( don’t judge, I was young ¯\_()_/¯ ), now IT Product Manager. When I was pregnant with my now 3 y/o boy, I was worried of how I can raise my child to cope in a world of bullying, peer pressure, substance abuse, screen time etc. My husband told me that if we want our son to thrive in this world, all we need to do is build his self confidence & firm limits. So that’s how I started reading parenting books, and reached a lot; I read tons of books on the latest research discoveries in interpersonal biology and brain development. I worked with a psychologist that specialize in child development and attachment parenting. I am above all, convinced of the immense potential every child has and their absolute innocence; I know from experience that raising kids can often feel quite differently, and challenging. I am convinced that the way to turn that potential into peaceful family lives and well balanced kids – is both intuition and science (and patience). Being emotionally available as a parent, being present for them and for your self, to keep your own emotional highs & lows in check. Because they are good at triggering us, aren’t they? I write lyrics since aged 8, when I had no money to buy my mother gifts; I really wanted to create joy in her heart, so I started dedicating poems to her. Pack this all together and you get : Matt’s swirly world





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