The Istanbul Conspiracy (Code Raven #7) by Lynda Filler – Review by Sarah Oakes

The Istanbul Conspiracy (Code Raven #7)The Istanbul Conspiracy by Lynda Filler
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A great read about weddings. Tensions run high and danger lurks when the daughter of the Minister of Defense and her new groom are found murdered. All Luke and Samaar want to do is get married on a yacht in Instanbul. But life seems to have other ideas in store for them when a security breach puts their plans on hold. With these targets on new couples, the team of the Raven Group race to find the culprits before they strike again. Can they find out the truth before it’s too late?
A great read. Well developed plot with twists and turns. Well developed characters like Luke determined but loving underneath or Samaar standing up for herself but vulnerable underneath.
I loved the visual detail throughout the novel like with the scenery of a Istanbul or Turkey with its seas and beaches for sense of peace and tranquility, but also foreboding bad tidings.
The switch of perspectives worked well to display both sides of the story and was easy to follow with names in the chapter titles. I also liked the use of suspense with small details revealed slowly to make you keep reading to find out who’s behind it and why they’re attacking weddings. Fast paced action and high stakes made for a captivating read. Overall, a great read and I would give it four stars.

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