Cemetery Tour: A Walk Through the Old Yard by Stuart Ledwith

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Cemetery Tour: A Walk Through the Old Yard by Stuart Ledwith
Genre – Historical, Inspirational
Page Count – 187 Pages
Cover Designer – Tom Clasper
Since I have devoted so much time writing such serious works as, “John the Baptist: As His Soul Remembers” and “The History of the Universe: As My Soul and I Remember,” I felt the need to write something much lighter in nature.This book resulted directly from my walks through Riverside Cemetery which surrounds the “Old Yard”, the burial place of the founders of Baldwinsville, New York, the town in which I reside. All of the ‘soul’ or if you prefer, ‘ghost’ stories take place in the early to mid 1800s, around the time when the graveyard opened. It was a time when folks were coming from all parts of the world to find their American dream. This book contains many of them.The first twelve chapters are their stories. Chapter 13½ is mine. I’m not superstitious… 9¾ was already taken. This cemetery is important to me in another way. It is our plan that my wife, Carol, and myself will be buried here and I plan to talk to anyone who walks by me. Enjoy!


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I have always enjoyed speaking with souls and writing their stories for those wishing to read them. In these times of Covid 19 restrictions I have been walking through my favorite cemetery because it is “The Road Less Travelled” in these times of infection and social distancing. Yes, I wear a mask when live humans walk close to me, however, most of the ‘friends’ with whom I speak are not prone to infection or disease any more.

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