Revel (The Howl Series Book 1) by Alden Elway – Review by Michelle Austin

Revel (The Howl Series, #1)Revel by Alden Elway
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Revel (The Howl Series, #1) by Alden Elway was a good 4 star read.
It took me a bit to get pulled fully into the story but once I got past a certain point I couldn’t put it down.

Revel is a female pack member who is trying to find herself. She breaks one of the biggest cardinal rules of the pack, don’t be seen by humans. When she goes to tell her brother what happened, she sees the man walking out with her brother. The man happens to be a conservation officer. There is something about him that pulls Revel in, but another rule is the wolves can’t have a human for a mate. But she can’t help herself, she starts to see him on the sly.

Things take another twist and the pack members find body parts. It appears that the attacks may be animal related. What will happen when the pack finds out the truth? What will happen with Jamie?

Overall this was a great thrilling read. All of the characters added a great element to the story. I really liked Revel, I felt bad for her at times because all she wanted was to be loved and not controlled by her family. If you like this paranormal romance you will enjoy this one. 1-click and get started today.

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