Love Between the Lines by A.D. Brazeau

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Love Between the Lines by A.D. Brazeau
Genre – Contemporary Romance, Romcom, Chick-lit
Page Count – 212 pages
Cover Designer – Paper and Sage
Marlowe Bennet only wants three things – to live in sweats, write her books, and cuddle her cats. Real-life men are toxic sludge, and she wants nothing to do with them. Maybe it’s that, or maybe bruised and anxious Marlowe just sees herself as unlovable.
Heath Rochester is ready to give up the glamor and travel modeling has afforded him in favor of settling down to run his family’s bookstore and to, hopefully, make Marlowe Bennet his.
Marlowe’s best friend, Iris, and sister, Lucy, are there every step of the way, even through their own travails, to help Marlowe build herself up and take control of her life and her anxiety with the best medicine of all – love and laughter.
Love Between the Lines, a sweet contemporary romance that’s a little chick-lit and a little rom-com, is a stand-alone book in the Page Turners series. This series takes place in Colorado Springs, Co.


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A.D. Brazeau is an award-winning author who writes what she loves. From dark and fantastical fairytale retellings to quirky romance, and everything in between, she loves nothing more than to immerse herself in new worlds. A.D. Brazeau is a book-obsessed wife, mother, and dog lover, who grew up surrounded by stories. Not much has changed. A.D. is from Colorado Springs, Co, and currently resides in Orange County, Ca.




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