Lighting the Path: Leaning into a Hopeful Future as a Special Needs Parent by Marcia Nathai-Balkissoon

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Lighting the Path: Leaning into a Hopeful Future as a Special Needs Parent by Marcia Nathai-Balkissoon

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Genre – Self help, Parenting, Special Needs

Page Count – 200 pages

Cover Designer – Miblart


Whether your child was born with special needs or developed them following illness or injury, you walk a hard road as a special needs parent.


With a child born with heart challenges and then severely brain injured at eight months old, Dr. Marcia Nathai-Balkissoon weaves her powerful story and experiences with observations and strategies that support a hopeful future in Lighting the Path.


Leaving no stone unturned, Marcia reduces the anxiety felt by many special needs parents by helping them through the most commonly faced circumstances—processing their new reality, skill development, career balance, financial planning, medical practitioners, appointments, therapies, caregivers, health, maintaining care for all family members, self-care, the rapid firing of emotions from isolation to judgement, and more—all with the goal to provide hope and support so you don’t have to walk this path alone.

If you’re facing many unknowns in your special needs journey, Lighting the Path combines compassion with a wealth of ideas and actions to help you build a better future for yourself and your entire family.


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Dr. Marcia Nathai-Balkissoon is a storyteller and educator who believes that we each have a powerful purpose that should guide our lives. As one of her children is brain-injured and bedridden, Marcia and her family have traversed significant challenges. She is passionate about helping special needs families to feel more connected, gain visibility, access and support, and tap into their resilience.

Beyond the special needs context, Marcia helps people connect deeply with their purpose so they can experience more joy and fulfilment. Through intuitive and logical interventions, her work seeks to shift mindsets, build habits, foster creativity and curiosity, and enable people to live their best lives each day, trusting they are enough.

Currently a tenured lecturer at the University of the West Indies, Marcia is most drawn to the fields of health, safety and wellness, business and personal strategy, and teaching and learning. She is a certified Parent Skills Master Trainer and enjoys working with her husband to adapt interventions for their daughter and helping other parents to do the same for their children.

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