Between Darkness & Light (War of Destiny Book 3) by Theresa Van Spankeren – Review by Mandy Ott

Between Darkness & Light (War of Destiny #3)Between Darkness & Light by Theresa Van Spankeren
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In the 3rd Book of the War of Destiny series, Between Darkness and Light begins where the second book ended. Julia made a truly difficult decision at the end of Book 2, and this book flawlessly picks up where it left off. I love how this book shows how much Julia’s decision truly impacted the members of the ka-tet. The characters in this third book continue to evolve and change with, not only the story itself, but the time period in which they find themselves. Theresa Van Spankeren does an amazing job describing all of the new places traveled to. There is still so much emotion in this book, just like the other two in the series so far! I could feel the sadness, the excitement over small triumphs, the pain that is felt. I cannot wait to read more by this author!

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