A Mountain in the Air: A Trilogy by Laura Koerber

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A Mountain in the Air: A Trilogy by Laura Koerber
Genre – Supernatural, Dystopian
Page Count – 442
Cover Designer – Donna Dean

“The deep magic of nature, though broken, lies waiting to be revitalized—or so readers may dream.” Kirkus Review

Coyote Jim, the shape-shifting spirit of a desert valley, goes on a road trip through a dystopic post climate change future and finds a lover in a dying timber town in Washington state. Rachel the Raven presides over a tavern in the dying timber town and protects a small community of elderly survivalists from the local militia. Pete, a grunge musician who had a local following in the 1990’s, disappeared into the wilderness of Mt. Rainier. Now forty years later, he feels a bit lonely and begins to reach out to people in their dreams.

A Mountain in the Air is a trilogy consisting of three closely connected magical realism novellas set in a near future ravaged by climate change. The first two novellas were previously published as Coyote’s Road Trip and Raven Woman’s Tavern.


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I live on a island in the Puget Sound with my husband and my dogs. I am a retired teacher, presently doing in -home care for disabled people while volunteering at a dog rescue

My degree is in art, and I am a painter, graphic artist, and ceramic sculptor. The writing started about five years ago, a surprise to me and everyone who knows me, since I had never written anything before.

The review for my first book in Kirkus Review: https://www.kirkusreviews.com/book-re…

I think I learned to write by reading. I am a voracious omnivore of books. 

Author Interview with Laura Koerber



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