What I Wish I’d Known: For Writers by H.D. Thomson – Review by Jana Lewis

What I Wish I'd Known: For Writers: 100 Authors Reveal What They Wish They'd Told Their Younger SelvesWhat I Wish I’d Known: For Writers: 100 Authors Reveal What They Wish They’d Told Their Younger Selves by H. D. Thomson
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I thoroughly enjoyed this book. While much of the advice given by various authors was the same or similar, one thing that really stood out was their encouragement to not give up and go with your gut. I had not heard of most of the authors but still found them inspiring and have added several to my TBR list. As someone who enjoys writing myself, I found it inspiring and motivational. Each person went through their own trials and tribulations and proved that you can persevere if you put the work into it. HIGHLY recommended for anyone considering writing your own books.

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