Enigma of Life (Enigma Book 1) by Shandi Boyes – Review By Heidi Eich Woodring

Enigma of Life (Enigma #1)Enigma of Life by Shandi Boyes
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Enigma of Life by Shandi Boyes is Isaacs’s story and the 6th book in the Perception Series. I fall more and more in love with the characters each book and love Shandi even more as I am able to read these amazing books. This book is a part of a series and I recommend reading the WHOLE series. This has turned into one of my favorite rock and roll series and am to get completely lost in the books about some amazing and sexy bandmates. But out of all of these books, this one KNOCKED me on my BUTT and left such a mark in me. The only word I can use to describe this book is INTENSE!

Isaac, he is sexy, HOT, mysterious, and so hard to understand. He is NOT the one to being home to mom but the one all your fantasies are about and the one who will make you feel things you never have! Isabella lost her family and moved to a new town and has gotten a new job. She literally falls at his feet and is memorized by this guy. When they are thrown back into each other’s lives, Isabella is living two lives and carrying a huge secret that she hopes stay hidden. Isaac, there is something that draws you to him and he will be forever planted in your heart. Quickly you will see what I did, this is NOT your typical love story.

WOW, WOW, and even more WOW! Shandi Boyes hit this one out of the park and I cannot wait to read more on Isaac. I am completely in love with this character and want to know more and more. I have waited for his story and I am NOT disappointed in any way! He grabbed my heart and there is where he will stay. Shandi has this power to create strong stories and characters that will draw you in so much and make you able to finish a book in one sitting because you WANT and NEED to know how things end. I give this book five bright and huge stars and wish that I was able to give even more! BRAVO!!! I am hooked!

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