Suddenly us by Marie Skye – Review by Stacey Baxter

Suddenly UsSuddenly Us by Marie Skye
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Suddenly Us is absolutely beautiful novel I was hooked right from the very start and was unable to put the book down until I reached the very end it was that brilliant. This novel tells the story about Gwen and Hawkins and I tell you its not all smooth sailing for them. Gwen is a amazing heroine she has been and is still going through a really horrible time but she never let it defeat her she keeps fighting even at her lowest points. Gwen who has been really hurt recently by her sleezeball of ex Blake who verbally and physically abused her for years but she always took it never told anyway because she loved him and thought he loved her back but he was ashamed of her and always made her feel she weren’t good enough but she still kept fighting for it until he completely ripped her heart out and the awful thing is just when she turns her life around and becomes happy he manages to make her life hell all over again. Hawkins well he’s this sexy protective alpha who will have you panting he’s that hot ladies.. Hawkin has a dark past and continues to battle through the torment of his past daily. He will do everything he can to protect Gwen but when his past because his present and he’s able to fix the guilt he carries daily but he could end up losing everything? I loved Gwen’s and Hawkins’s story it was full of so many emotions it had me at the edge of my seat throughout with the drama and obstacles getting in there way it defiantly is a page turner so be prepared to get no sleep while reading this novel!! I would absolutely one hundred percent recommend this read you will defiantly not be disappointed!!!

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