A Keeper’s Destiny (The Portal Prophecies #1) by C.A. King – Review by Jenni Bishop

A Keeper's Destiny (The Portal Prophecies #1)A Keeper’s Destiny by C.A. King
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Willow and her friends live in an ancient world where the authorities keep everything in check everything in control. Where the people have had their own growth and being stunted. The authorities have condemned the reading of books, restricted the knowledge and learning of what they were, what they are and what they can do. There is a definite line between privilege, wealth and sense of self worth. But as they get older, as they come of age they begin to discover and learn things about themselves and that of the world around them. Of things that they never thought was real or possible. The one thing they do have is a trust of themselves and of those closest to them.

The Authorities have kept the secret of prophecies and what it may mean for their world. They believe that the barriers to the portals to other worlds that ancient guardians put up is enough to keep them safe from the dangers those other worlds may pose. But they couldn’t be more wrong as evil has found ways to tear holes in the barriers and travel between worlds destroying everything and everyone in their path.

As Willow and a small group prepare to flee their world before the evil who just invaded can destroy them, they find a book of prophecies.What they find is a world full of wonder and things they never could have dreamed. A world full of creatures and beings that they thought were only in stories. They find a world where holes appear randomly and only a few are left as protectors of the portals.

Will they learn to live on this new world? Can they learn to trust in the new world and more importantly in themselves. Will they be able decode the prophecies and the mysteries surrounding them? Will they be able stop their enemies and stop the evil from invading? Will they make unlikely friends?

This is one book for anyone who enjoys reading fantasy stories. It is full of different worlds and magical creatures and beings. Full of the unknown, of evil versus good. The characters are full of belief, hope and wonder.

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