A Way Back Into Love (Love, #1) by Veronica Thatcher – Review by Jana Teppih

A Way Back Into Love (Love, #1)A Way Back Into Love by Veronica Thatcher
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A Way Back Into Love is Veronica Thatcher’s debut and the first book in her Love series. It was a great story and great writing for the first book! Who would not love a story of best friends turned lovers even if there is a lot of heartbreak involved … isn’t that what makes the story?!
The story is about Emily Stevens and Derek Thorpe who have been best friends since they first met (since Emily saved Derek’s “bacon”) when they were six years old on their first day of kindergarten. They have been inseparable for fifteen years!
This story is of unspoken feelings and misunderstandings and running away and relationships between parents and their children and … you just name it! It is also about growing up and facing your past and returning home … There is a lot of wreckage to get over, a lot of people impacted by the renewed relationship and I am telling you, it was in no way an easy ride! Be prepared for bowling your eyes out and screaming in frustration and walking away from the book and then coming back and hoping for the best and …
I loved how Veronica used the flashback writing style – it made the story a bit crazy to follow at times BUT at the same time it kept you on your toes and keeping your fingers crossed and every time there was a flashback you went ‘aha, that is what it is …’ I invite you to the lives of Emily and Derek and you will not regret being part of their journey!

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