Enigma: The Complete Collection: Four book box set (Perception 6) by Shandi Boyes – Review by Jana Teppih

Enigma: The Complete Collection: Four book box set (Perception 6)Enigma: The Complete Collection: Four book box set by Shandi Boyes
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Enigma: The Complete Collection: Four book box set by Shandi Boyes is her gift to all her loyal readers and any new readers who find their way to Isaac and Isabelle “Izzie”. The breath-taking series itself is more than 4 books but Isaac and Isabelle’s story is the first four books so you will really get it all sweetly together and don’t have to wait and fiddle your thumbs like we did … The stories included are Enigma of Life, Unraveling an Enigma, Enigma: The Mystery Unmasked, and Enigma: The Final Chapter.
You have a pleasure to join us on a journey that the writer takes us on where we follow Isaac and Isabelle from the moment they meet unconventionally to where the journey takes them. Their story should really be recommended for over 18 year olds as it has very explicit and steamy scenes, also the languages the writer uses is utterly colourful at times!
Enigma is a love story of two complex people that should never have fallen in love, they carry heavy burdens and the secrets, oh my, they are so stifling at times. The first book introduces them to us and Isabelle needs to struggle with many ethical questions and their past has a great impact on the direction the writer is taking them. The second book gives us more insight into why Isaac is the way he is, we get to know other characters more and of course, we fall more and more in love with Isaac along with Isabel so we feel what she is feeling… The third book the writer also starts getting more into the secondary characters as well, we learn more about Hunter and Hugo and Reagan … it all fits into storyline so it is not forced. In the final chapter we really find out if the love and trust between Isaac and Izzie will stand in the face of their greatest challenge so far … We will see how far Izzie will go to protect Isaac and how she will face her greatest fear
There is something about the way Shandi writes, any time I think that it cannot get any better, it does… she creates these powerful pictures and stories with her words, you get sucked into the mystery and questions and heartache along with the characters. You question your sanity and ask yourself what would I do in this situation. You lament and laugh and keep your fingers crossed. Take a weekend and spend it discovering Isaac and Izzie’s story and I know, you will be enchanted with them and will want to read also the next books that are about the characters you have already met and gotten curious about!
What a treat!

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