A Love Fulfilled by Angela K. Parker – Review by Jana Teppih

A Love FulfilledA Love Fulfilled by Angela K. Parker
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A Love Fulfilled by Angela K Parker is the second book in her Life & Love duet. I have to say that unfortunately I have not read the first book in the duet as I did not know there was another book though after having read A Love Fulfilled and meeting the main characters’ friend Michael and her fiancé/future wife Elona, I am not surprised they had their own story … I will be checking it out next …
A Love Fulfilled is a beautiful friends-to-lovers story of Laurence “Ren” Drake and Jessica “Jess” Morrow. They have known each other since they were kids and there has always been something special about how Ren feels about Jessica and he has never given up on the hope that they might be together, one day … meanwhile, he is her best friend and does nothing to jeopardise that as he cannot imagine not having her in his life.
I loved the story, it kept you engaged from the first page and you kept hoping with Ren and prodding him on in your mind … It was well written, the story flew smooth and at no point did I feel that hi, where did this come from or hi, what happened here… Thank you Ms Parker for the pleasurable hours that I spent with Ren and Jess and the secret that was ready to surface … I absolutely recommend you to pick up the book when you need some picking up and need to reinforce your faith in ‘what is to happen will happen’!

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