A Force of Nature (Tryst of Fate, #2) by Kara Liane – Review by Jana Teppih

A Force of Nature (Tryst of Fate, #2)A Force of Nature by Kara Liane
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A Force of Nature by Kara Liane is the second book in her Tryst of Fate series. I have not read the first book that was her debut but after having finished this one, I know I will need to pick up the first one! Yes, you can read this military romance as a standalone but personally, when I like the writing, I always like to go and read the other books in the series … it gives so much more!
It was pretty cool to know that the story is loosely based on the writer’s own story, on her love story to her airman husband but let’s get to the book! A Force of Nature is the story of Brent & Everly, a military hero and a smart aleck reporter! Sparks flying … emotional baggage …. PTSD and anxiety … humour and sex … oh my gosh … What do you end up with when you put it all together – a pure rollercoaster ride! I love the level of detail that the writer has put into her writing, it makes it all so much more real and relatable … my heart ached for Brent and I admired Everly’s compassion and understanding … Thank you Kara for a memorable story and I am sure that all of that have read your stories are all impatiently waiting for the next one!

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