Brant (Secrets #2) by D.B. James – Review by Jana Teppih

Brant (Secrets #2)Brant by D.B. James
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Brant by D.B. James is the second book in her Secrets series. I know that it seems that one can read it as a standalone and I have to admit I had not read the first book or the novella that was published before Brant and at times I was missing having not read them as I could not get some of the references so I would recommend that you start with book one and the novella! I will be reading book one next, have it already downloaded on my app.
Brant is the story of … well, Brant Ashley and Tessa ‘Cherry’ Annabelle. The writer has given us a beautiful book with a great (dream) boyfriend and a spunky heroine that it was so easy to fall in love with! Brant is a true frat boy on the outside but a committed honourable and totally lovable inside … the little things he does for Tessa … oh my goodness … they make you weak in your knees … and yes, he is a liar and he has been lying for ten years and now, the time has come for him to come clean … and man, the story behind the story … it will blow your mind! Tessa is a survivor and one of the ‘most beautiful women, inside and outside, that Brant has ever met’! She has made herself a promise after surviving the nightmare in her ex-husbands hands and that promise does not allow her to fall in love … well, all the best promises are made to be broken so welcome everyone on the ride that those two take us on!

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