Bound: A Magnus Blackwell Novel (Book 2) by Alexandrea Weis – Review by Jenni Bishop

Bound: A Magnus Blackwell Novel (Book 2)Bound: A Magnus Blackwell Novel by Alexandrea Weis
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Bound is the second book in The Magnus Blackwell Series by Alexandrea Weis. This  story is full of the excitement of the magic but fraught with so much danger. It is  intriguing and full of suspense and so complex. There is a battle coming in the voodoo  world and the cost maybe too high.     Lexie is now the Mambo and the most important woman in New Orleans, but that doesn’t  mean she has the support. There are many who are against her but Magnus Blackwell  may just be her undoing. With nightmares and powers diminished, Lexie is in the fight  of her life against the battle of light and dark.

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