Horrid (Seven Sisters of Silverleaf Series Book #1) by L.C. Ireland – Review by Angela Hayes

Horrid (Seven Sisters of Silverleaf #1)Horrid by L.C. Ireland
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


“This is your curse until all is made right:
I’ll have my revenge at the stroke of midnight.
For once the moonlight touches your skin … I win.”


Horrid is the first book in the Fatal series by L.C Ireland. It is a wonderful fantasy- which is full of magic, witches, drama, and had a fairy-tale feel to it- with the authors unique spin. I loved this story and I am so glad that I took a chance on it because it exceeded any and all of my expectations.
Delta and her six sisters have been cursed by an evil witch- having lost a few of her sister’s already, Delta is next. She is determined not to give up without a fight and when a deal is proposed, Delta will need to decide if she is willing to pay the price for her and her sister’s lives/souls. What ensues is a high-stakes story, with a moral dilemma, good vs evil (and more), that makes for believable, light, and fun reading.
The story is really well written, with fully developed and quirky characters. There is a lot more to this story than first meets the eye, and I really enjoyed this journey. I would have liked to have read a longer and more in-depth version of this book. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the story, but finished it still wanting more…. so hopefully I will get my answers in the next instalment. I am quite excited to see what Ms. Ireland has in store for us in the next book!

Thank You, Ms. Ireland!

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