The Magic Within by Allison M. Boot – Review by Angela Hayes

The Magic WithinThe Magic Within by Allison M Boot
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The Magic Within by Allison M. Boot. This is a wonderfully delightful and inspirational fantasy that has a definite fairy tale feel to it. It is a story of magic, trolls, dragon, enchanted pants, royalty, humour, romance, danger, time travel, danger, finding self- acceptance, some adventure, overcoming adversity, living with a disability, discovering that you can achieve anything if you truly believe it, friendship, family… and more. This is a super sweet, clean, and fun read.
Isabel Benson has just been crowned queen of the kingdom. She is questioning and coming to terms with what she envisions for the future of the kingdom and her subjects. She is unsure of how the changes she wants to make will be received, or even if her people are ready for them. She finds some guidance through her grandparent’s story. Going back in time to discover their beginnings. There is so much more to their story and finding out all about them gives Isabel some perspective.
We meet Natalie and Blaine, as we are transported into their beautiful story. They are really wonderful characters and their story is heart-warming.
I really enjoyed this book and recommend it to anyone who loves a great fantasy, or a story with a fairy-tale feel.
Ms. Boot has a disability herself and has written her stories as encouragement- a message of self-acceptance to other young girls/women- to love and accept themselves, just the they are. I think that is a wonderfully inspiring thing to do!
This story is really well written, with fantastic characters, strong character growth and development, detailed scene setting, descriptive world building, and a very enjoyable plot- with all the feels, charm and interest you could ever want.
A feelgood story for young and old alike….
I am looking forward to whatever Ms. Boot has in store for us next!

Thank you, Ms. Boot!


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