Blind the Eyes (Threads of Dreams Series Book #1) by K.A Wiggins – Review by Angela Hayes

Blind the EyesBlind the Eyes by K a Wiggins
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Blind the Eyes is the first book in the Threads of Dreams Series by K.A Wiggins. This is a wonderfully imaginative and original YA fantasy. It has paranormal elements, as well as post-apocalyptic touches, and a distinct dystopian feel. There is humour, drama and a touch of darkness to the story- which added an extra layer of interest. The author has a definite poetic/lyrical to her writing which gave the story a bit more of an impact on the reader. There were a lot of characters and the story has a lot happening in it. The book is intricately detailed, descriptive and quite complex. Ms. Wiggins continues to weave her world throughout the story. But, because of all these factors, there were some parts that did feel a little busy, or somewhat rushed.
I was intrigued by this adventure and thought this was a great introduction to Ms. Wiggins work, and a creative way to start a new series. I would read the next book/s, to see where the author takes us.

Thank you, Ms. Wiggins!


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