The Harrowed Half-Breed: A Tarnished Lands Story by P. A. Wikoff – Review by Erica Fish

The Harrowed Half-Breed: A Tarnished Lands Story (Forgotten Woods, #1)The Harrowed Half-Breed: A Tarnished Lands Story by P.A. Wikoff
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The Harrowed Half-Breed is the first book in the Forgotten Wood Boook by P.A. Wikoff is a dark fantasy that captured me from the first work. Wikoff has an amazing ability to write about different creatures but keep the eye on the main characters of humans and feather-folk. His imagery is intrigue so you can imagine the scenery and therefore can place the creatures inside the scenery. This story is a page turned that will want you to keep reading until the last word. This story is about the feather-folk. They treasured the land and never took from it more than necessary. The humans pilfered the world to have more than what they needed to show dominance in the land. Barne is the main character who is a half-breed. He is trying to fit in the best he can. This is the coming of age part of the book. We see Barne and what he has to go through just to be happy. I enjoyed reading about Barne. It makes you hopeful for the future. Will you see Barne in a better place than he was at the start of the story? You will have to read it to find out.

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