My Fake Vegas Boyfriend (Viva Las Vegas Book 1) by Lori Sizemore – Review by Sara Oxton

My Fake Vegas Boyfriend (Viva Las Vegas Book 1)My Fake Vegas Boyfriend by Lori Sizemore
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

My Fake Vegas Boyfriend by Lori Sizemore a four-star read that will snap you away. This is the first book in the Viva Las Vegas series and it kicks off with a bang, I am sure I will be reading the rest to see how the story progresses, the characters are just that good. Layla was a great person, she was someone who kept you on your toes all the way through, I liked how the story was set in 1958 and not in recent times as you really got swept up in how life was then, how a simple action could cause so much drama, if it was set now there wouldn’t be that added twist to the story, it would be missing something special. Lori Sizemore was a new author to me and I’m glad that I took the chance and read this story as I think I have found a new author to follow.

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