Rescued By The Spy (Romancing the Spies Series Book #2) by Laura A. Barnes – Review by Angela Hayes

4 Stars


Rescued by the Spy is the second book in the Romancing the Spies series by Laura A. Barnes. It is an intriguing and action-packed historical romance that has kidnapping, romance, mystery, suspense, adventure, drama, revenge, espionage, treason, disguises, secrets, and lies. This is the second book in the series, but it can be read as a standalone, although this book focuses on a different couple than the first book, I do recommend reading book one as there is a tie in/crossover/continuation to the storyline. I have really enjoyed exploring this series of period pieces, as Ms. Barnes excels in bringing the past to life and creating characters who are so easy to love.

Raina LeClair is not your typical demure young lady- oh no, there really is so much more to her than she lets on. She and Charles Mallory have an intriguing history that will propel this story into a fast-paced adventure that had me hooked right from the beginning. Where the story leads, and the surprising developments really made for a very entertaining and enjoyable read.

I have already begun devouring book #3, which looks set to be incredible!


Thank you, Ms. Barnes!

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