Uncommon Sacrifice (War Girls Series Book #6) by Marion Kummerow – Review by Angela Hayes

Uncommon Sacrifice (War Girls Book 6)Uncommon Sacrifice by Marion Kummerow
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Uncommon Sacrifice is the sixth book in the War Girls Series by Marion Kummerow. I didn’t realise when I picked up the book that it was number 6 in her series. Having said that, this book can be read as a stand-alone, but I am intrigued enough by what I’ve read to want to go back and explore the other books too.
This is an historical fiction, WWII story- with, sacrifices, resilience, strength, determination, friendship, family bonds, love, and drama. The hope of escape and freedom that captives in the war camps hold in their hearts to help them endure.
Two brothers held captive- one badly injured and relying on the other to survive- the other with a chance to escape to freedom, but that would mean leaving his brother behind to face probable death. What decision does he make? Can Peter leave Stan behind, in order to save himself? Or will he sacrifice his own freedom, for his brother?
A very emotional, well written and thought-provoking read. The characters really made the story for me. It was entirely realistic, relatable, and believable!
I will definitely be reading more of Ms. Kummerow’s series in the near future!

Thank you, Ms. Kummerow.

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