Beckoned, Part 5: Adrift in Costa Rica by Aviva Vaughn – Review By Felicia Bates

BECKONED, Part 5: Adrift in Costa RicaBECKONED, Part 5: Adrift in Costa Rica by Aviva Vaughn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Beckoned, Part 5: Adrift in Costa Rica
Aviva Vaughn
5/5 stars

Adrift in Costa Rica is the installment to Aviva Vaughn’s Beckoned series I didn’t know I always wanted! When I read the first four books in the series I was completely hooked, not wanting to put them down until they were finished, sneaking pages into pockets of time in my day, you get the picture. There is something about Aviva Vaughn’s style of writing that captivates you in an almost poetic way but without becoming too wordy. I feel as though I hang on every word throughout these
Admittedly when I read the other books in the series I wasn’t too connected to Soren so I wasn’t
sure what to expect from Adrift in Costa Rica. As usual I was completely hooked from the very beginning. I enjoyed the recap from how Angela’s
story ended and seeing Soren’s perspective, it
truly painted him in a new light. The retelling could have been dull and repetitive but the raw emotion and vivid imagery of each scene really made this portion of the story feel new.
I could write a novels worth of how I feel about this story so I will try to wrap it up. I loved the character growth as we learn more about Soren and his relationships both romantic and with his family, but also as he learns more about himself. So many books are centered around the woman rebuilding herself after heartbreak, I really appreciated this perspective, especially after feeling as though this wasn’t a relatable character in the past.
I’ve mentioned in a previous review how much I love that each and every chapter has a title itself, I’m pleased to see that the work and effort put into this persists going even further to include a soundtrack to go along with the chapters, and a book club question list!

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