Blind Magic: The Sanctuary Chronicles Book 2 by India Kells – Review by Nicole Noble

Blind Magic (The Sanctuary Chronicles #2)Blind Magic by India Kells
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Blind Magic: The Sanctuary Chronicles Book 2
By India Kells
5 Stars

So, when reading a paranormal romance what are we wanting? Magic? Witches and shifters? And of course, romance! India Kells delivers that and more with this fantastic read. But that’s not all this book delivers and every reader will be riveted until the very end!

Ian Macon is a broken man. With the loss of his mate, he does not see a future for himself. But being the beta of the Asher Pack has given him purpose. But he knows that he will never have that mating bond again and will be just a shell of the wolf that he once was. Until he meets Sera Dover. Something about her just draws him in…

Sera Dover has always known that her eyesight is diminishing. All she wants is to leave her past behind and focus on the future. But when her eyesight is suddenly taken from her, Sera is left reeling and unsure about what her future will now hold. Can she make a new future with these new challenges? And how will the intriguing wolf that she met just before she lost her eyesight play into that future?

I love paranormal books. Something about the mystical just always pulls me in. But India Kells blew me out of the water with this book. From the little details and nuances she delivers to the rich characters, Ms. Kells gives the reader so much more. The story is intriguing with the bit of forbidden romance and air of mystery that floats throughout. This was a wonderful read that left me wanting to go back and read it again and again. If you’ve never tried paranormal books, I highly recommend Ms. Kells as an author to try out the genre. She hits the nail on the head and you will become a fan before you know it!


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