Degrees of Acceptance (Prestian Series Book 2) by Via Mari – Review by Heidi Eich Woodring

Degrees of Acceptance (Prestian Series, #2)Degrees of Acceptance by Via Mari
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Degrees of Acceptance is book two in the Prestian Series, and even better than the first. Mari has this writing style, a way to create characters that you want to be or know, and a storyline that simply just draws you in. The attention in this book is just another way I am so drawn into this series, this world, and this author. The book takes off right where book one left off and let me tell ya, you will be wanting to read book three as soon as you read the end. ANOTHER FIVE STAR from this author that I could not put down, simply an amazing book!
Katarina is about to embark on a journey to meet the man that is her father, she throws caution into the wind and wanting to get to know a man she never had the chance to meet growing up all while still trying to deal with the journey of her journey with Chase and herself. Chase wants her and those that she loves to be safe, from her father’s world and even his own. Katarina now must come to terms and learn to handle the world of which her father and Chase are a part of and see the power they both have!

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