Releasing The Demons by L.D. Rose (The Order of the Senary) – Review by Madison Degraffenreid

Releasing the DemonsReleasing the Demons by L.D. Rose
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Releasing the Demons by L. D. Rose
This 5-star novel was exciting, and action packed. Vampire hybrids vs regular vampires to keep the human population safe. Vampires have taken over many parts of the world and conquered parts of cities. People are afraid to be out after dark and do their best to not be taken. Blaze is unique and has the control of fire as well as his other amazing hybrid abilities. He struggles to control himself even though it has been years since he was held captive and tortured. He fights his inner Demon the vampire part to keep from falling into the black hole of despair and giving into the desire to feed off the humans. When someone begins targeting him and those who are close to him things heat up. He meets Detective Valarie who seems to get caught in the crossfire. She has a grudge against vampires and seeks to find the one responsible for all the murders that seem to lead straight to Blaze.

The author did an amazing job with this novel. The storyline easily flows and is action packed keeping the readers attention. There is also a touch of Romance between the main characters Detective Valarie and Blaze. The main characters are passionate about what they don in this novel and are easy to like. It was easy to imagen the world in which these individuals lived even though it would be a tad bit scary to have vampires take over like they did.

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