The Jack (The Immortal Series Book 2) by MK Harkins – Review by Erica Fish

The Jack (The Immortal Series Book Two)The Jack by M.K. Harkins
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What an amazing second book of the Immortal Series, the Jack. I really like MK Harkins and she does an amazing job writing for the YA audience. The YA audience needs specialized talent to write a book and not lose their interest with in the first couple of pages. To be real I was hooked with in the first couple of paragraphs. As I stated this is the second book and to really get the story line I recommend reading the first book The Reader. There is a familiar name Archer from The Reader. Archer is trying to decide his destiny by helping the Readers, but that group does not trust him or protect the humanity. Archer has to do some soul searching for that answer. There is Sadie who is new to the series. She is an Immortal Seer which means she needs to rid the world of the dangerous Jacks. MK Harkins sets her us to be this beautiful young lady who will not be able to carry out her calling. She is trying to find out who is who and what she needs to do. Will she be able to carry her role or will she be unable to do so? Will Archer step up and help Sadie? You will have to read the book to find out.

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