Across From You by Amabel Daniels – Review by Katie Matthews

Across From YouAcross From You by Amabel Daniels
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


I really loved this book! It was one of those stories that you can’t help but smile and laugh your whole way through it and I definitely couldn’t put it down. I’ve read a few books by this author now and I really enjoy her writing style, she is able to adapt it well for whatever genre she is writing and I always find her books engaging.
I adored Lexi! She was a brilliant character, one you know if she were real you would totally want to be friends with her. I really felt for her at times but I think what happened to her made her a stronger person, she was definitely sworn off men – well until Jack came along that is and to be fair I think he could make anybody rethink their stance on men!! I thought that they had a great chemistry and I loved the interactions between them, there were definitely some funny moments!
Across From You is probably one of the best rom-com stories that I have read this year and I know that anyone who reads it will not be disappointed!
A fantastic 5 star read and I absolutely look forward to reading more from Amabel Daniels again in the near future.


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