Beats of the Heart (Lyrical Odyssey Rock Star Series) By Charli B. Rose – Review by Laura Furuta

Beats of the Heart (Lyrical Odyssey Rock Star Series Book 1)Beats of the Heart by Charli B. Rose
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Beats of the Heart (Lyrical Odyssey Rock Star Series Book 1)
By: Charli B. Rose
5 out of 5 stars

The story Beats of the Heart (Lyrical Odyssey Rock Star Series Book 1) by Charlie B. Rose is a new adult romance book. I loved reading this story. It had me hooked from the very beginning. It is a book that had my emotions going up and down with the characters. I loved reading about Izzy and Dawson. These two have been best friends since they were young and have taken the step from friends to lovers. They believe that their hearts beat as one and that their souls fit together. She is his muse. The music flows because her. This book has some very steamy scenes. The chemistry between Izzy and Dawson is red hot and can make the temperature in the room rise. They imagine their future will be together. What will happen when dark clouds roll in and threaten this couple? Read this story to find out. I grew to love the characters of Izzy and Dawson with each chapter that I read. It was wonderful to read how devoted to each other they are. I like how Dawson took Izzy’s feelings into consideration when he made decisions. Being the girlfriend of a someone who is famous must be hard and Izzy does have times where she feels insecure and the doubts creep in. The way that Izzy and Dawson banter back and forth had me with a smile on my face. This book is definitely one I would recommend reading. It is part one of this couple’s story and I look forward to reading the next part.

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