A Cold Day In Hell (Life Is Hell Book 5) by Naomi Valkyrie – Review by Roxsanne Lesieur.

A Cold Day in Hell (Life is Hell #5)A Cold Day in Hell by Naomi Valkyrie
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Hadassah Engel is a fallen angel, well, maybe not fallen, but she is on probation from the heaven realm, she dared to lend her powers to her brother Malakhi and she is now powerless and stuck in the human realm with him and that is the last place she wants to be, she misses the perfection of her home and her life, she is in her own hell on earth and she is not pleased in the slightest, although she is happy that she took the risk to help Malakhi, now she only has to bide her time. She has been invited by Malakhi to live with him and his adopted family in Juniper Lake, but she doesn’t really want to interact much with any of them, she prefers her own company after all and would much prefer to stay in her room and read, but as time passes, Malakhi is getting fed up of her attitude and insists that she starts to take the time to get to know the others she is living with, but why would she want to make friends with demons and other supernatural beings?

As Malakhi becomes more annoyed with her attitude and her housemates are being increasingly prickly, she decides to try out talking to one of Malakhi’s friends who seems to be more quiet than the others and keep herself to herself, this is more in line with herself as well, so one day she goes to see Jezebel, the dog shifter who lives down by the lake in a small cabin, but she bites a bit more off than she can chew when Jezebel plays her at her own game and starts to push back with an attitude of her own, this isn’t something Hadassah is comfortable with, but she is polite for Malakhi’s sake, however, eventually, she is pushed too far and calls it quits for the night. A few hours later she sees Jezebel coming out of the woods again, however, Jezebel is full of tension and Hadassah knows something is wrong, it seems that she is right and that Jezebel has sensed something from her past and it completely terrifies her, it is someone whom it turns out she has been hiding from and has no intentions of returning to, so as Jezebel packs a bag with enough clothes in for herself, she tells Hadassah that she is taking the truck and leaving Juniper Lake, knowing that Malakhi would kill her if she let Jezebel go alone, Hadassah is determined to go along with her and no matter how Jezebel tries to fend her off, she is unsuccessful.

As the two take off on their impromptu trip, they try to stay as incognito as they can, but as it progresses, they snipe at each other as usual, but they open up to each other as well when they become more comfortable spending time in the same space as each other, but will Jezebel’s past catch up with them, or will they end up being on the run forever, what will Malakhi do when he finds that they have gone without telling him? This is another great book in this series where life and death struggle to come out on top and a makeshift family comes together to help solve a problem which has been hidden away and ignored for years.

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