Isabella’s Painting: A Notorious Art Heist Mystery (Karina Cardinal Mystery #1) – Review by Sheri Schrader

Isabella's Painting (Karina Cardinal Mystery #1)Isabella’s Painting by Ellen Butler
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Isabella’s Painting: A Notorious Art Heist Mystery by Ellen Butler is the first book in the Karina Cardinal Mystery series. This is one well written mystery that has humor, DC political scene, romance, and mystery. I was first intrigued as an art history student because the Gardner Heist still has so many unanswered questions. Ms. Butler did a great job of a “what if” scenario that is well thought out and logical. I loved the main character Karina Cardinal and how she went about trying to weave her way through the twists and turns. I also appreciated that the mystery was interesting and had lots of different characters to wonder about their intentions. I will be definitely looking for more from this author in the future and look forward to more of the Karina Cardinal series.

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