Cowboy: Claimed by Melissa Keir, Cheryl Gorman, Leslie P. Garcia, Becca Turner, Lyssa Layne, D’Ann Lindun – Review by Angela Shirley

Cowboy: ClaimedCowboy: Claimed by Melissa Keir
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Cowboy: Claimed is a collection of stories by various authors all with the theme of cowboys running through them.

The box set consists of six books following various heroines and Hero’s with each having a unique writing style and different feel to each story. I was not sure what this anthology would be like as I have not read any of the authors included, but I love each story.

My favourite story out of the collection was:-
Cowboy kind of Forgiveness by Becca Turner.
The story involves the lives of Everly and Swift and the tragic circumstances which have thrown them together. Everly is grieving the loss of her twin brother and blames Swift as he was there to witness the accident. Swift blames himself and can’t get that night out of his head. What happens when tragedy bringing two people together. You will have to read to find out.
I loved they was this book was written and with the fast pace of the story it was a brilliant short story.

All these stories are well written and easy to read although the whole set is over 600 pages long each stories covers about 100 pages so yo can fly through them easily. This is a great chance to also sample authors you have not read before and believe me I will be downloading books from these authors so I can read more wonderful stories from them.

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