A Frothy Christmas Kiss (Christmas Kiss Series) by Allyson R. Abbott – Review by Angela Shirley

A Frothy Christmas KissA Frothy Christmas Kiss by Allyson R. Abbott
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A Frothy Christmas Kiss by Allyson R Abbott is the forth book in the Christmas Kiss series and is a great feel good story. This book follows the story of Dan and Kat and that one thing can lead to a misunderstanding and may put the relationship on a crash course.

Kat loves all things coffee and when a new coffee shop pops up she is in her elements, it also does not help that the owner is absolutely gorgeous, there is certainly abit of flirting going on and they seem to be into each other.

But when Dan has to rush off, Kat is left wondering where the relationship is going, until Dan asks her to work in the coffee shop. Kat can not resist to work with Dan but she finds it hard to be just friends with him. As she struggles with her feelings for Dan and unexpected person from her past turns up and which way will Kat go?

I love this series, its full of light hearted, romantic loveliness, the story is well written and its a great fast pace. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series.

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Snatching Dianna (Feisty Lawyers, #1) by Seelie Kay – Review by Angela Shirley

Snatching Dianna (Feisty Lawyers, #1)Snatching Dianna by Seelie Kay
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Snatching Dianna by Seelie Kay is the first book in the Feisty Lawyers series and what a book it is. Full of thrilling suspense, intrigue and twists and turn this book will have you on a roller coaster ride with its fast pace writing and well written story.

Dianna Murphy is a law student and one night she vanishes, her room mate is convinced something has happen to her but no-one will listen, so she enlists the help of her Law Professor to help in finding out what really happen to her friend, but her Law professor is not all she seems. Janet MacLachlan was once a secret agent and with help from her husband, the police chief and a merry band of others they decide to find out what really happened.

This book will have you on the end of your seat, although a short novel this does not stop the effectiveness of the full story. With the twists and turn you are taken on a journey with the “team” to uncover what has happened, but has the team over turned just one to many stones and are they ready for what they uncover. If you love the suspense and thrill of a good thriller you will love this book. I can’t wait to read more in this series or more books by this author.

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Guilty Pleasures Volume 2 by Joyce McCarthy – Review by Angela Shirley

Guilty Pleasures Volume 2Guilty Pleasures Volume 2 by Joyce McCarthy
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Guilty Pleasures Volume 2 by Joyce McCarthy is a collection of short stories of pleasures, lust and attraction.

This book follows Brad and his fantasies that come through the book, you discover the sexy teacher/student liaison and the steam scenes that unfold, then the older woman scenario and many more.

This is a great light hearted book but delves into the world and brain of a college student with some erotic scenes and descriptions will have you hot under the collar, I would love to see where some of the encounters end up with a longer book but hey we may get that down the line. This is a great quick read if you need to kill time and with the interesting, quick paced stories you will need a cold shower after some of them. This is the first book I have read by this and would like to read more in the future.

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A Tangy Christmas Kiss (Christmas Kiss Series) by Allyson R. Abbott – Review by Angela Shirley

A Tangy Christmas KissA Tangy Christmas Kiss by Allyson R. Abbott
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A Tangy Christmas Kiss by Allyson R Abbott is the second book in the series and follows the story of Mel and her horrendous mishaps that happen along the way.

Mel is travelling to her parents for Christmas but half way through the journey she is turned about by her mother and she has to go and help her aunt in Spain. Although the trip there is a manic mishaps one after another once she is safely in Spain she is complete lost and does not know which way to go until she meets a handsome stranger who helps her. Once she arrives at her aunt’s place she is unaware of what she has to do to help, she thought she was walking into a lovely relaxing beach vacation to be thrust into the world of animals.

As the story progress you get to see the relationship blossoms between the two characters and the great way the story weaves is great to read. This is not the first story I have read by this author and as normal this is a well written, delightful story. I recommend this series as each book can be read as a stand alone story.

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The Something Series – Box Set Books 1-3: (Tell Me Something, Ask Me Something & Bet Me Something) by Aubrey Bondurant – Review by Angela Shirley

The Something Series - Box Set Books 1-3: (Tell Me Something, Ask Me Something & Bet Me Something)The Something Series – Box Set Books 1-3: by Aubrey Bondurant
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Something Series – Box Set books 1 -3 by Aubrey Bondurant is a collection of her first three books in The Something Series – Tell me Something, Ask Me something and Bet Me Something.

This was a great opportunity to re-read these great books and re-aquiant myself with the wonderful rich and well loved characters in this series. I would recommend you read this wonderful series, you will not turn back once you have read the first chapter of the first book. You can read them as stand alone books but you get to see insights into the characters so I would read them in order.

Tell me Something –
The book starts off being on the set of an advertising company awaiting the model Katrina, Haylee has just gotten a job as an assistant to one of the Vice Presidents so she can save some money to attend Harvard Law.

Her boss then insists she tries to locate the model but after various calls to her agent there is no response. All of a sudden there is an air of tension around the set when the owner of the agency Josh Singer walks in and is not happy that the model is a no show, then the model appears and starts demanding that she is only at the shoot for one hour and that is all the time she can spare.

Haylee then has a deep voice whisper in her ear to record the conversation that is about to happen. Josh then proceeds to send the model away with her tail between her legs and adding that their legal department will sue her for breach of contract. The model then attacks Josh that he can’t prove it and then Haylee announces she has recorded the whole conversation. Once the model storms out Josh has an idea that Haylee would make a great model and be able to do the photo shoot for the campaign.

Haylee agrees and the day goes swimmingly, when she is about to leave she is asked to speak to Josh. Josh then proceeds to ask Haylee if she would like to be his second assistant in New York, Haylee is shocked and asks about living arrangements and other logistics. Josh seems to answer all her questions so she decides to move to New York and work in the head office.

Once she moves into her apartment in New York she discovers that it is owned by Josh and once she starts working for him discovers that they have chemistry between the two of them. Due to Josh’s Assistant having personnel issues that mean he cannot travel on businesses trips, Haylee becomes Josh’s travelling partner, while on one trip to Cancun the chemistry becomes too hot too handle and Josh decides to act on the lust.

As the story goes on you get to understand Haylee’s past and all the great changes and opportunities she has working for Josh and you get an insight in the world of Josh and his reluctance to let Haylee in.

I loved how the author drawers you into the story and that you believe you are part of this fictional world that you also feel like they are your best friends. I enjoyed this book so much that I searched and download the next one in the series to read start after.

Ask Me Something –
This book follows the lives of Sasha and Brian. There has always been a spark between them but until one night in Miami where there relationship is about to move from friends into something more, Sasha receives a call which has her abandoning the man she has craved for since they met.

Sasha is then promoted to become VP within Gamble Advertising but there is one problem the job is in New York far away from her comfort blanket of Charlotte and away from her best friend Brian and now her boss.

Roll forward eight years, Sasha and Brian are friends and meet up when then they can. Brian calls to ask Sasha for their usual dinner date when he is in the city but Sasha turns him down saying she has to help her friend Catherine out at speed dating. Once the girls finish at speed dating then Sasha texts Brian there location if he would like to enjoy a drink.

Brian arrives at the restaurant and they seem to be having a great time, then a woman arrives, Brian’s woman and the atmosphere turns icy as the conversation take a nasty turn and Jamie reveals the nickname Josh and Brian call her “Sasha – B -Fierce”, this totally floors Sasha but does not let it show and give Jamie the satisfaction that she has wounded her. As always Catherine shows this woman that she is a formidable character not to cross and slices this interloper down in one sentence.

After the restaurant Sasha goes home and decides to pack for her trip back home for Christmas, after two glasses of wine down a call comes in with the caller ID she has been anticipating, Brian. As the conversation goes he reminders her of Miami and tries to explain that the nickname was in fact a compliment regarding how great she is at the presentations to to their clients. All of a sudden Brian asks for Sasha to let her doorman know he will be there in five minutes and the the feelings are truly discovered and rules are established. Brian then sets in motion a plan to win Sasha’s heart.

I really enjoyed the first book but that was just the starting point. You will follow this book and believe you are in the lives of these characters with each word written. You will have a barrage of emotions with one minute laughing, next crying and then shouting at the e-reader with frustration.

Bet Me Something –
McKenzie has been in love with Colby since she was six years old, but will he ever not see her as her brother’s best friend’s sister.

Roll forward to present day and Kenzie has just been hijacked by the fact she is not going to UCLA like she had planned but has been told that her Georgetown application is sorted, the only problem is she did not apply there, her mother. Even being at her own graduation party which she did not want but was forced by her over bearing mother she feels lost and mad, but McKenzie does what a proper lady should do and thanks people for coming and plasters on a false smile until the bitter end.
Once the party has finished and she has escaped home she is walking in the garden and decided to go into the old tree house to collect her thoughts when he appears. Colby has always seemed to know when she needs a pick me up, Kenzie explains the night’s events and in a blink of an eye he is proposing to get away and have a weekend in Las Vegas in one of his family’s hotels. McKenzie cannot believe what she is hearing and decides to make this a trip of a life time as they say “What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas”.

So Colby organises the company private jet and they are flying to their destination and Kenzie cannot believe what’s happening, when they arrive it like a whirlwind Colby has organised a suite for them with a huge hot tub and then asks her what she would like to do. Colby arranges dinner and then to go to a club where Kenzie gets drunk and reveals unintentionally her five date rule. The next morning Kenzie gets out of bed with a mother of all hangovers and gingerly asks Colby what happened and what did she reveal, he tells her that she told him her five date rule and she inwardly groans.
The next night Colby asks her what she would do and Kenzie asks if they can have a quiet dinner and maybe gamble, so that’s what they do have a lovely meal and then go to the casino within the hotel, until it gets a bit intense when they decide to make a bet if Kenzie wins she gets to have a real kiss from Colby.

Colby loses the bet and has uneasiness when Kenzie decides to redeemed her bet. So they are sitting on the sofa awaiting the kiss, this is what Kenzie has been waiting for forever, their lips move closer and closer until the kiss happens and what happens after shatters Kenzie’s dreams of Colby. The kiss what not good at all and her perfect with Colby had gone, he had a flaw and it broke the illusion of him being a perfect man, but then Colby does a counter bet and asks Kenzie to show him how a kiss is supposed to be, once their lips touch again the spark is ignited in Colby but he then has an internal battle with himself he likes Kenzie but she is not in play.

There is a weave within the story that you will these two people together and you at one point will need tissues. I really enjoyed the first two books but I think this at the moment is the best story so far, you are transported into the story and believe yet again that you are one of their friends. I really can’t wait for the third book and Catherine’s story.

All I can say is enjoy.

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A Pink Christmas Kiss by Allyson R. Abbott – Review by Angela Shirley

A Pink Christmas KissA Pink Christmas Kiss by Allyson R. Abbott
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A Pink Christmas Kiss by Allyson R Abbott is the third book in the series and is full of Christmas cheer.

This lovely tale of Christmas, family secrets and romance is a great holiday read, with this short novella. I love the way Allyson’s characters are real and well development. Billie’s character is brilliant and well written, she made a decision a long time ago and ruined a great relationship with the love of her life. She was heart broken when he did not follow her but when she moves back to her home town and ruins into said ex boyfriend the sparks fly.

Will Billie be able to forgive him and rekindle the love they gave up years ago, you will have to read and find out.

This is a story of second chances and can be read as a stand alone story. If you enjoy a well written, detailed story I recommend not just this book but all of the stories from this wonderful author.

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Never Let Me Fall (Fatal Dreams, #3) by Abbie Roads – Review by Angela Shirley

Never Let Me Fall (Fatal Dreams, #3)Never Let Me Fall by Abbie Roads
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Never Let Me Fall by Abbie Roads is the thirds book in the Fatal Dreams series and follows the stories of Helena and Thomas and how they become involved in each others worlds and in the end romance blossoms.

Helena has had a hard life being raised by her grandparents, then at eighteen being charged and convicted of murder she never committed, once released she has struggled to let go of the horrors of her past until she meets Thomas.

Thomas is a soul who has also had a terrible upbringing, one too many abusive fights with his step father had rendered him colour blind, but one one sense goes he was gifted another great sense. Thomas has the ability to look into peoples souls and determined if they good or bad. He sees colours in auras and when he meets Helena he sees the most beautiful colours in the whole world and is instantly attracted to her.

This is the first story I have read in this story and although the story flowed I feel I would have had a better understanding of the characters better. This did not distract from the story it was full of intrigue and romance with the two main characters attraction pretty quick in the story.

I loved the twist on the paranormal of the gifts that Thomas had was a real joy to read and the interaction between the two characters was brilliant. I thought the story was well written and the characters where well developed, I would love to read the first two books in this series to see what secrets I have missed in the beginning of this great series.

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Beachcomber Gone (Beachcomber Investigations Series #9) by Stephanie Queen – Review by Angela Shirley

Beachcomber GoneBeachcomber Gone by Stephanie Queen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Beachcomber Gone by Stephanie Queen is the ninth instalment in the Beachcomber series and this series just keeps getting better. All the usual characters are here to create a wonderful world of intrigue, twists and turns with a dash of romance to finish it off.

Shana and Dane having been skirting back and forth with their emotions in the previous books and finally in this book they decide to take it to the next level but just when they thought the world had forgot about them, a trip to Australia opens old wounds and the two of them are back fight against old enemies.

This book is full of excitement, thrilling cliffhangers and twists and turn which you have come to appreciate from the writing of Stephanie Queen. I have always had a soft spot for Shana as a bad ass investigator who drives to seek the truth and the pair up with the quite but deadly Dane just adds the emotions in the book and books. Although this I feel can be read as a stand alone book I would not recommend it, you need to understand the dynamic between the two characters and how the other eight books have got us to this point.

As always the story flows through with you on the edge of your seat straight from the first chapter, the characters are well developed and the secondary characters just add to the whole feel of the book. As always this book was a pleasure to read and I really hope there is another book in this wonderful series and it never ends and that Dane and Shana will be in their eighties still fighting crime.

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The Changeup (Resort Romance #6) by Mary Billiter – Review by Angela Shirley

The Changeup (Resort Romance #6)The Changeup by Mary Billiter
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Changeup by Mary Billiter is the sixth book in the Resort Romance series, I have to say this is one of my favourite series. This story follows Rebel Roberts who has a rough past but with the help of some people she has turned her life around but something happens that changes her life forever.

Rebel is in hiding after being in witness protection and is enjoying a great life in Long Beach, she is working at the Long Resort as a Conference Services Manager and is supposed to keep a low profile so when she discovers a dead body it could not be worse for her.

Ryan McHenry was the local college sport star, who is the process of training to become the Deputy Sheriff but while he is in training he is a deliveryman part time. So when he stumbles across Rebel and a dead body he can’t resist to help her get to the bottom of the reason of why he was murdered.

This story is full of twists and turns with a dash of intrigue and chemistry that will have you turning the pages to find the conclusion to the story. This is a great stand alone book but I do recommend the whole series as there are great characters and stories which will have you re-reading them time and again. I can not wait for the next exciting installment in this great series.

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Only This Tuesday: A Copper Mills Novella by Melissa Keir – Review by Angela Shirley

Only This Tuesday: A Copper Mills NovellaOnly This Tuesday: A Copper Mills Novella by Melissa Keir
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Only This Tuesday: A Cooper Mills Novella by Melissa Keir is a lovely heart warming story about a small town which has some issues but generally welcomes everyone until one person decides to have a smear campaign against some residents.

Tuesday Benson has had a pretty crap life until now, she has had her ups and downs. Her ex boyfriend betrayed her, her mother was gone and her business collapsed so what will she do to recover from this mess she is in. So she decides to move to the sleepy town of Cooper Mills, with their budding tourist trade she decides to open a controversial business idea, a food truck.

As her business grows, she catches the eye of the mayor in town Blake, he has tried to use his power of mayor to promote this town as a tourist destination but his interest in Tuesday does not go unnoticed by Blake’s ex fiancee who tries to ruin Blake’s reputation within the town and tries to derail the relationship is Tuesday. Will they be able to overcome the issues and be able to continue with their relationship.

I loved this story. It was heart warming and well written, the characters offer so much and the chemistry between these characters was great. I loved the way the author tackled some of the quite topically subjects, that how she does not preach but gives both sides of each characters point of view. This is the first book I have read by this author, I will definitely be reading more in the future.

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