Taming Brooklyn (The Club Kings Series Book 1) by Charlotte St. Pierre – Review by Angela Shirley

Taming Brooklyn (The Club Kings Series Book 1)Taming Brooklyn by Charlotte St. Pierre
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Brooklyn Reeves is thinking of ditching her best friend for a quite night in as Clubs is really not her scene, but the more Ash pushes her she is succumbing to the idea, plus it is one of the hottest clubs in town Club 4.

Once inside she feels eyes upon her not in a creepy way but a sexual chemistry kind of way until she is introduced to not but two good looking men, once on the dance floor she is covered with warm and trust with these two men and ask it becomes more intense she realises what she is doing and runs away in embarrassment.

Jaxson and Oliver are part of the “Club Kings” four brothers who forged a family from trust and courage not blood, but when they see the blonde walk in the club they are instantly drawn to her. As they have shared in the past this is nothing different but they have a deep feeling of protection for this beautiful woman, until she gets scared and runs from them. Week’s of trying to find her comes to nothing until one chance meeting may change there and the other brother’s lives forever.

They know she is hiding a secret but will they uncover it and can Brooklyn trust her attraction for all four of the men and will she let her guard down enough to live life.

This is the first book I have read but this author and oh my what a read. I always love a flawed character and this book had lots of them, the four men together have forged a bond of survival which plays into each character and shows each are loyal to the end for each other and there charges which was brilliant to read. I especially loved the character of Brooklyn with her visible and hidden scars which seemed to make her more determined to carry on with life even at times she struggled with anxiety but not letting it become her was a brilliant lesson to learn.

There are triggers in this book and if you are uncomfortable with aspects of mental abuse and stalking I may caution you alittle bit with the storyline, but overall the writing was brilliant it draws you into the story and makes you believe you are part of the world and invested in the characters as this is book 1 I can’t wait to get my teeth into the next instalment.

Just One Time (Beaumont Creek Book 1) by Samantha Baca – Review by Angela Shirley

Just One Time (Beaumont Creek, #1)Just One Time by Samantha Baca
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Nate and Abby have been Best Friends since kindergarten, but a conversation one day will threaten the dynamic of their friendship and are they both willing to put it at risk.

Abby has just celebrated her fortieth birthday and can here the biological clock ticking away, desperate to be a mother but when you live in a small town the options can be slightly limited on who you can choose to become your baby daddy but until one day mentioning it to her best friend, Nate he suggests something neither of them would have considered.

Nate has secretly crushed on his best friend Abby seen the first day he saw her but has never really gotten up the courage to push out of the friend’s zone, but this would be the perfect opportunity to see where it takes them, one time together and hopefully produce a baby, what could go wrong.

When Abby becomes pregnant it becomes really and both have feelings which they are afraid of voicing until one day in walks Abby’s ex, Colin and can the perfect world Nate has created come crashing down.

I loved this book; the story was well written, and I was so invested in these characters it was great to read. Abby knew what she wanted and went straight after it and the banter between her, and Nate was a joy to read. I loved the secondary characters of Capshaw and Jane and the pull between them through the book, I hope something happens or they both get a happily ever after.

I can’t wait to read the next book and also see how Abby and Nate got on with the baby.

Doctor Frank Enstein (Doctors of Eastport General) by C.A. King – Review by Angela Shirley

Doctor Frank Enstein (Doctors of Eastport General)Doctor Frank Enstein by C.A. King
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Dr Frank Enstein has become the best in his field of Plastic Surgery so when an opportunity comes along to lead his very own trauma clinic for burns he is ready for the challenge. Although leaving the cosy world of private practice for the riggers of a hospital he is determined to make this work as this is a cause close to his heart.

Once meeting his new colleagues he is invited to go out after work, not really a very social person but is spirited along, until he meets the buxom beauty behind the bar but when she approaches him with a question he immediately ends up with the wrong conclusion embarrassing him and her.

Barbara has had the literal weight on her back, although some people see them as beauties, she sees them as uncomfortable, back breaking and down right horrendous. So when she met Frank and hope he was the answer to her prays as soon as he opened his mouth it all feel away, but when the good lucking Doctor comes back and apologies to her and gives her a name of a friend to help her with her breast reduction they start becoming more than friends.

I loved this story, this is the second book I have read in this series and this does not disappoint. At first I thought that Frank was a bit of an arse but as you get to see the interaction with Barbara through the story you get to know his story and start to warm to the character. As a buxom woman as well I instantly bonded with the character of Barbara and the issues she faced on a daily basis but her sassy, strong character was a dream to read.

The story although short was well written and follow beautifully toward the happily ever after that happened. I would recommend this book and can’t wait to read more in the series.

The Forlorn Cowboy (The Studs of Clear Creek County) by Stacy-Deanne – Review by Angela Shirley

The Forlorn Cowboy by Stacy-Deanne (The Studs of Clear Creek County)The Forlorn Cowboy by Stacy-Deanne by Stacy-Deanne
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Christopher is part of the socialite elite when he is in the running to marry Minnie but in his heart he is not in love with her, force to pursue this craziness he is backed into a corner, until one night he comes across her being bullied in a field, but can he follow what is in his heart or will he be forced to pursue what his father believes he should have.

Greta Fay is an activist fighting for the rights of the people within her town, once the laws were abolished regarding black slaves she has taken upon herself to fight, which has not been easy. When she is attacked in a field and Christopher comes to her rescue she is besotted with the rancher and falls for him. Christopher then finds himself drawn to this woman and can’t help but falling in love and to hell with his father.

I loved this story, the chemistry between the two main characters is a heart warming story which weaves through the history books and opens up the narrative of true love. I loved how strong and sassy Greta Fay was but also had the secret and vulnerability deep down that she could lean on Christopher in the difficult times.

I loved the secondary characters and Minnie was a brilliant strong minded woman who herself have had a secret she hid and was willing to let loose to her family which would have rocked the foundations. It was great to see the story from the rich and poor sides and that somethings maybe different but some struggles are just the same.

I can’t wait to see if this series continues and which story is present to us next.

Shameless Love (The Bennetts of Langston Falls Book 2) by KG Fletcher – Review by Angela Shirley

Shameless Love (The Bennetts of Langston Falls, #2)Shameless Love by K.G. Fletcher
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Walt Bennett is a man with revenge in mind, after the way Glen Kirby ruined his family he certainly is on a mission to make him pay. When an opportunity comes to by the ranch Glenn has called home Walt jumps in with both feet.

Elyse is ready to make this work, after seeing Becky Bennetts YouTube series this girl is exactly what the network is looking for, so a trip to the Bennetts Farm is just the move she needs to convince her to join them. Once they arrive Elyse is greeted by Walt and sparks fly between them and when he agrees to chaperone Becky Elyse thinks two birds one stone.

As things go on Becky realises this is not really what she wants after a uncomfortable experience and Walt drives them home, but not after spending the night with Elyse. Once home he can’t stop thinking about her until she shows up. Can he get her to stay and love him the way he loves her?

This the second book in this series and you can read this as a stand alone book, there are references to the other book in this series so you are not completely out the lives of the Bennetts. I am so glad Walt became the next boo in the series, he was my favourite in the last book all grumpy and brewed, but with this book you see the playful more vulnerable side to him.

Elyse is the perfect partner for him and brings more out within the character and also with the chemistry between these two just burns off the page. I also loved the secondary characters within the story and how they add to the charm of the story. I can’t wait for the next book in the series and which of the Bennetts will it be.

Deadly Intentions by Anise Storm – Review by Angela Shirley

Deadly IntentionsDeadly Intentions by Anise Storm
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Viviana was a happy teenage until one night her best friend was killed in the street in front of her. Viviana then devoted her life to tracking down her murderer and exacting the same outcome as her friend but can she infiltrate one of the most deadliest worlds and come out the other side.

Nazario is the son of a mafia boss, ruthless in nature and unyielding and unforgiving when it comes to his business, the night his father killed the Mayor’s daughter was the night that Nazario saw her, meek and mild, utterly heartbroken over her friend but he needed her to escape as he should have killed her also there and then, but she awakened something in him which has him dreaming about her now. Until one night he sees the blonde woman with his father.

Viviana has trained for this moment to seek revenge for her friend and killing Nazario’s father is her soul mission even if it means death.

Oh I love a good Mafia novel and this one is brilliant. I have read many by this author and they do not disappoint, with the driven storylines and brilliant writing you are emersed in the dark world of the Mafia and it is fascinating to read. I loved that Viviana was a strong character with determination to do anything to seek revenge but showing the passion she had in the end for Nazario was an emotional rollercoaster. Nazario’s vulnerability towards Viviana and how she has the power to destroy him but that she is worth the risks. There are some hard parts to read regarding abuse and violence, but I think this adds to the characters of the leads in this book.

I can’t wait to read more books by this author going forward.

Ruthless Hawke (The Hawke Family Second Generation Book 1) by Gwyn McNamee – Review by Angela Shirley

Ruthless Hawke (The Hawke Family Second Generation Book 1)Ruthless Hawke by Gwyn McNamee
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Isaac Hawke is back home in New Orleans and still thinks of the girl Jack he had the most incredible weekend with. Having used all his resources to find her all her remembers is the head in the back of the black car driving away into the distance.

Five years on and he still wonders until one day after a rather bad day in court he is summoned by his Uncle Gabe to help with a situation they had and will be helping out a friend, as he arrives into his uncle’s office he hairs stand on end and sitting on a chair in his Uncle’s office is Jack after all these year’s.

Giacomina Jackson – Marconi aka Jack is from a brutal family, her mother the head of the Marconi Mob and her father a well assassin for hire. She has lived her life in a castle of security and fear of something happening to her but that one night she slipped away from her security and walked into the arms of NOLAN her world fell away and she saw what she could have, until the faithful morning when her father had tracked her and threatened to kill the man she was with, that’s why she left him chasing after her in the street.

As she sees Nolan aka Isaac again there is a secret even, she now can’t keep, they only thing is does he still want her, and can he forgive her for the secret she is keeping.

I loved the first generation books in this series and oh my the secondary generation come out with a bang. I did read the prequel to this book which gives you the history between Jack and Nolan but I don’t think this is a must to read to start the series. The characters are brilliantly, and I loved the feisty nature of Jack, and the heartbreak Isaac went through understanding what had gone in. The secondary characters are also brilliant and love to see how the dynamics of the family and extended family work.

The story was well written and had suspense and drama which you associate with this family and can’t wait to read the next book in this instalment.

Ale’s Fair in Love and War by Sylvie Stewart – Review by Angela Shirley

Ale's Fair in Love and War (Love on Tap, #1)Ale’s Fair in Love and War by Sylvie Stewart
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Cash is one of the owners of blue Bigfoot brewery, they have had peaceful existence until neighbour from hell moves next door.

Hollis has opened her dream, a dog grooming parlour and is just trying to build up her business, so when she enter the pub next door to give away some flyers she did not expect full out war with the owner.

As the practical jokes get more and more elaborate Cash and Hollis start feeling chemistry between them until a misunderstanding causes an explosion in more ways than one.

I love this author’s writing style, she writes warm and rich characters which instantly make there way to your heart and Hollis and Cash are no different. The start of the book just lets you peak in just enough to have you hooked and can put the book down until you find out what happens.

I loved the character of Hollis so sassy and independent wanting to make a life for herself without the trappings of her parents money which was refreshing to read. I loved also Cash and how at the beginning you see him as this gruff man but slowly within the story he becomes a great man and I think I have yet another book boyfriend lol.

I can’t wait to see who is next in this series as all the secondary characters enhance the story even mango.

Master Calabrea (Masters of the Consulate Book 6) by Sylvia Black – Review by Angela Shirley

Master Calabrea: Dark Vampire Romance (Masters of the Consulate Book 6)Master Calabrea: Dark Vampire Romance by Sylvia Black
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Master Calabrea has been put in charge buy the Overmaster Descillia to find the traitor, Isala and bring her in. So when he meets the team his is tasked with her is drawn to the mysterious red head who is destined to be trouble.

Tansia is committed to the cause, deeply respectful of the vampire community but when her physic abilities are discovered can she feels that she is more capable of going it on her own but when Master Calabrea demands that she not take things into her own hand’s things go side wards and she is left fighting for her life. Can Calabrea find her in time to save her?

I love this series and these strong characters, this book as the rest is well written and follows the Consulate while they are trying to find the traitors in their mist, although this could be read as a standalone novel, I feel you may need a little background when it comes to the main characters.

As always, the book is fast paced and draws you in quickly into the story, I love the character of Tansia her sassy, feisty attitude is a welcome equal to the Alpha nature of Calabrea. I always love a flawed character and you get that with Tansia and her history. I can’t wait to read the next book in this series.

The White Knight Cowboy (The Studs of Clear Creek County) by Stacy-Deanne – Review by Angela Shirley

The White Knight Cowboy Stacy-DeanneThe White Knight Cowboy Stacy-Deanne by Stacy-Deanne
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Dusty is a rancher of sorts, as the money dries up due to gambling he has to sell most of his cattle and horses to pay his debts, but one day when he finds Lovely Jo in his stables his world is turned upside down.

Lovely Jo worked in the big house looking after the lady but one night everything changes, and she finds herself running for her life. After being accused of murdering the master of the house she is on the run because if they find her, she will be hung with no real trial. Dusty has always been nice and kind to her so hiding in his stables. She is relatively safe as she has always had a soft spot for the older man and he for her, can she melt Dusty’s heart and feel the way she does about him.

This was a lovely novella with a subject which was wrote with delicacy and empathy, I loved the brave courage of Lovely Jo and her sheer faith in Dusty that he would not give her up, but I also like the determination of Dusty in the end to believe her and fight for justice and what was right against the law. This is a lovely short story with a heart-warming undertone and a happily ever after.

Echoing Hearts (The Echo Series Book 1) by C.R. Alam – Review by Angela Shirley

Echoing Hearts (Book 1 of The Echo Series)Echoing Hearts by C.R. Alam
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Rae Allen has everything she wants in life, her dream job which takes her all over the world reviewing the best hotels and resorts, but when she is begged by a friend to cover a story regarding local architecture she jumps at the chance to review the house and its on her way back home.

Arriving at the house she is amazed by the sheer beauty of the surrounding area, but when she knocks the door and no one answers she investigates around the back and is stopped in her tracks by the most handsome man she has seen, but that all fades when he opens his mouth and he becomes an ass.

Dean is recovering from a heartbreak which happened three years earlier, sworn off relationships but when Rae stumbled into his life he knew she was different. When he becomes in the friends zone he tries to make he see that they could be much more, when one night sparks fly and there is no going back. Can Dean get over the past and can Rae trust he really has feelings for her, you will have to read to find out.

I loved these characters from the start of the story. The story is complex and well written with the suspension of will they, won’t they but you are so drawn to the characters that you want everything to work out. I loved the Rae character and her fierce independence which is refreshing sometimes in a romance novel but she gives as good as she gets to Dean. I loved the dynamic between Dean’s family and the way they are as a family was brilliant.

I liked the way the author always drew in the element of friends can be just as close as family and the relationship between Rae and Brandon was written brilliantly. I can’t wait to read the next book and see if Brandon gets his love and fairy-tale that he so desperately wants.

Evan (Billionaire Blind Dates Book 2) by Toni Denise – Review by Angela Shirley

Evan (Billionaire Blind Dates #2)Evan by Toni Denise
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Evan is part of the Billionaire elite, after the success of Jake’s blind date, Evan unfortunately is the next victim/candidate. While all his friends put forward there prospects, the dates are set in the restaurant “Blind Date” and Kayla the owner and business partner of Evan is marshal as she was with Jake, so what could go wrong.

Evan’s first date is a disaster and when he has a heart to heart with Kayla to try and get the rest of names he realises that he has feelings for her but does not want in to put the business in jeopardy if it does not work out.

Kayla has worked her socks off to get “Blind Date” to become successful business working with her silent partner Evan has been great, although over the past few months Evan and his friends have slowly creeped into the friends zone and she is happy to have some in this vast city. When her friends start scheming and convince her to be Evan’s third blind date. As they start talking to each other under the secrecy of the app she realises there is something there and would like to investigate it more, but when her business is in wreaked can she swallow her pride and accept the help from her friends and Evan.

I loved this story, this can be read as stand alone story as you have little recaps throughout the story but I do recommend Jake’s book as it is a great read. Evan and Kayla where dancing around each other in the first book and you got a sense that the chemistry between them would ignite soon but OMG i did not expect to burn as bright as it did.

The story was well written and developed and I love all the secondary characters which just enhances the story with there little subplots exploding every now and again. I can’t wait to reading the next book in the instalment and definitely can’t wait to see what happens with Catherine and Ryker.

Savage Start (Hidden Valley Elite Prequel) by Isla Vaughn – Review by Angela Shirley

Savage Start: A High School Bully Romance: Hidden Valley Elite PrequelSavage Start: A High School Bully Romance: Hidden Valley Elite Prequel by Isla Vaughn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Reilly is a grifter, con artist you name it, a product of her up bringing always having to survive and with the chaos of her mother, life is not boring. Another move, another city but when she discovers they are living near the beach, she loves the walks along the beach to clear her head of her mother’s scheming. One night she spots a party in one of the houses and sneaks in, looking around she spots an opportunity to steal something and as she is almost getting away she is stopped by a boy who she is intrigued by.

Cody is at his cousins house for a party, when he spots her coming out of one of the bedrooms, as soon as he confronts her he has an urge to get to know this mysterious girl. Cody’s life is complicated and with his parent being wealthy there is also a certain mask he needs to wear, but can he be free with Reilly or will his world crash around him.

This is a great prequel into this series, the characters are brilliantly written and you are invested in them for the first chapter. As in all prequels it is a great story to easy you into the start of the series where it carries on with Reilly and Cody.

I do have to warn you although this is classed as a young adult story there maybe triggers which some people find uncomfortable to read, but in my opinion it just adds to the intensity to this story and of course the cliff-hanger at the end just wets your appetite for more.

Vaughn’s Xena (Dirty Rockhard Billionaire Book 1) by M.I. Rosegold – Review by Angela Shirley

Vaughn's Xena (Dirty Rockhard Series, #1)Vaughn’s Xena by M.I. Rosegold
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Vaughan has had his fair share of disappointments and his family environment is not the greatest, although money was no object, Love seems to be the biggest hole in his life. As the oldest child he sheltered his sister Veronica from the arguments and actions of his parents but as he grows older the more he wants that special person, until one night he sees her, and she then becomes his obsession.

Xena is living life, at college and sharing a apartment with her best friend who has been a god send to her, although Ronnie can be a little needy Xena looks after her like a sister, but as Xena goes through college she is plagued by the image of her dreams, the man she fantasies about but she knows there would be no way she would even be in his league let alone even try and instigate anything as he is Ronnie’s brother, until one night at the club and all her dreams are fulfilled but there is only one problem, he is her best friends brother.

This is the first book I have read by this author and the story has the faint feel of other stories which does not deflect from this at all. I must admit though I was ready to give up on the story about 60% in but carry on and as I read on the story got more interesting, I understand that it follows on in book 2 but I was missing some of the facts around Xena’s sister behind her motives and just background on the Ronnie and Xena’s relationship, like the reason behind their nicknames etc, but maybe that will be addressed in book 2.

Although the first half was slow and little wordy in places, I really enjoyed the book and the story was well written, the characters had chemistry on the page and some scenes where hot, hot, hot. I enjoyed the interactions between Xena and Zippy and there wacky relationship. I need to read the next one to see what the outcome is as this book leaves you with a huge cliff hanger and I want to know if anything happens with Finn and Zippy.

Straight for the Kill (Benoit and Dayne Mystery Book 3) by Winter Austin – Review by Angela Shirley

Straight for the Kill (Benoit and Dayne Mystery, #3)Straight for the Kill by Winter Austin
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Elizabeth Benoit has returned back to her home town, newly divorced and elected as Sheriff she is trying to balance the roles and people in her life. There has always been a nagging memory from her past which she can not let go of, when her best friend turned up dead and the police just swiped it under the carpet since coming back, she has been destined to find out who killed her.

One Halloween night a body turns up exactly where her friend was found can she keep her emotions under wrap and help solve who is the killer. Lila has come back from her ordeal and the first case she gets is to investigate the murder of a school girl but as she works through the investigation she finds links to her boyfriend Kyle and the sheriffs best friend but what dirty will be uncovered in the small town.

I am glad to be back into Eckhart County with Elizabeth and Lila, this story can be read as a stand alone but there are some references to the previous book just as in the relationship aspects of the flow. This does not disappoint as right off in the first chapter you are drawn into the story and I enjoyed discovering the past of Elizabeth and understanding why she return to the town of her childhood. This story draws you more into the inner workings of the town and understand the relationship between all the major characters. I loved the twists and turners, trying to piece together all the elements and getting to see inside the relationship of Rafe and Elizabeth.

I can’t wait to read the next book and see what these brilliant characters get involved with going forward and how each of the lead relationships work out and progress along the way.

Hush, My Darling (Benoit and Dayne Mystery Book 2) by Winter Austin – Review by Angela Shirley

Hush, My Darling (Benoit and Dayne Mystery, #2)Hush, My Darling by Winter Austin
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Lila is running away from her past, she thought she would be safe in the sleep town but when she is called to a dead body thing start running away from Lila.

When Lia was in the Chicago PD she investigated a gruesome serial killer but as they were getting closer to the killer he decided to shut Lila up. When she attacks the killer left physical scars but also emotional ones to, settling in the new town as a Deputy she thought she could push all the nightmares away but when a dead body turns up with the words that were whispered to in the final stages of the attack, she believes he has followed her to finish the job, but when a blast from her past turns up thing just spiral into chaos.

Sheriff Benoit is new to the job but not to the town having grown up there she is determined to clean up the corruption which has rotted in the police department for years, but when dead bodies start showing up and they are linked to one of her deputies, things start taking a turn for the worst and throw into the mix a State trooper and it will be a competition to rush to find who the killer is.

I have just pick this series up at book 2 and I read this easily as a stand alone book. I have not gone back at the moment to read the first book but will do in time. This book had me griped from the first chapter and was intrigued to consume as much of the book in one sitting.

I loved the characters of Lila and Elizabeth two strong females leads and both just as sassy and stubborn as each other, the secondary characters enhanced the story and injected more mystery into the story. I do have to say the plot and twists and turns where excellent and the story flowed and held my interest all the way through. I can’t wait to read more of this duo in the future.

Throwing the Curve (Playing for Keeps Book 2) by Lauren Fraser – Review by Angela Shirley

Throwing the CurveThrowing the Curve by Lauren Fraser
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Peyton thought she had met the guy she could possible settle down with but when she is invited to his friends barbeque and realises he has a wife her whole world comes crashing down. So when Steve pushes her off to his team-mate Ryan when Steve’s wife makes an appearance Peyton is a little annoyed.

Totally embarrassed Peyton makes he way out of the party but once away from the humiliation she discovers Ryan is one of the player due to be in her mentorship program so biting the bullet she approaches him and is met with a proposition. To be Ryan’s fake girlfriend?

Ryan is the loner not really a party man but can’t get over the blant way some of his team mates cheat on their wives, when one particular player becomes unstuck with the lie he drags in Ryan to save face from his wife and becomes utterly annoyed with the situation. But Ryan can’t let this woman go, the fire and sass this woman has makes for an interesting game and the sexual chemistry is off the charts with them. So he decides to offer her a solution, a kind of Friends with Benefits situation with a few fake dates thrown in.

We all know what will happen with that, it never runs as smoothly and this relationship gets interesting the more they argue with each other they are not attracted to each other.

I loved this book, the Enemies to Friends genre is one I am becoming very fond of, these two characters are both fiery and strong willed, both not willing to admit their feelings are growing between them which makes for an interesting story. The story is well written and flows along brilliantly with each turn of the page. Peyton’s character although a bit naïve at the beginning grows with you as you read her past and understand why she is so guarded. I loved the character of Ryan, the cocky ball player who has a mushy heart underneath although not original was heart warming and brilliant.

I loved the additional characters in the form of Ryan’s sister Kendall and how she helps Peyton with her insecurities when it comes to Ryan, overall the story was lovely and would love to read more from this series and hopefully see Steve get what he deserves.

Night Hawke (The Hawke Family Second Generation Prequel) by Gwyn McNamee – Review by Angela Shirley

Night Hawke (The Hawke Family Second Generation #0.5)Night Hawke by Gwyn McNamee
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Isaac is just finishing up Law School destine to work in the family business with his dad back in New Orleans but when he goes to a bar with his brother to celebrate before leaving he sees her.

When he runs into the most beautiful girl and they decide to have the greatest night together, but Isaac can’t just have one night so he convinces her to spend the weekend but in the morning she vanishes without a word. Isaac has found his soul mate but can he find her again.

I loved the Hawke Family and getting to read about the next generation is brilliant and can’t wait for the full series. This is a great insight into the next generation and will be just as good as the first, I can’t wait to read the full story of Isaac and the rest of the second generation.

Absolution by Anise Storm & Taylor L. Ray – Review by Angela Shirley

AbsolutionAbsolution by Anise Storm
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Dominic was a kid from the wrong side of the tracks but when he fell for Juliana Rutherford all his stars aligned and thought he had found the person who loved him for him but one night, one fight and he lost her forever.

Whitney is a marketing executive with a gift, but when you have someone continually chatting in your head she feels like she needs to answer the burning question, Who is Juliana Rutherford and why do I need to find Dominic Price?

After losing Juliana and being accused of her murder Dominic is out for revenge but when a woman walks into his life which looks like his past, can he really put the past behind him.

This is not the first book I have read by this author and won’t be the last, I loved the premise of the book and the twists and turns in the book were brilliant. At first I really could not relate to Dominic’s character as he was so angry and with the first encounters where cruel to the extreme but as there relationship develops through the story you understand the reasons and the heart and compassion that is within him.

This was a well written story with a brilliant storyline which is hard not to put down. I can’t wait to read more.

Hit on You by Brooke May – Review by Angela Shirley

Hit on YouHit on You by Brooke May
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Luke is a determined, independent woman who has struggled through life and had to look after herself from a young age, until she met Nikolai. He has the power to see through the layers she has built up into her heart but when he declares his love to her, she bolts and runs away from his declaration as she is falling also but is scared to love him back.

Nikolai is deadly, powerful, and not someone to mess with, part of the biggest Mafia family his reputation proceeds him but when he met Lu his world has been spinning off the axis. One night when he strikes up the courage to put his feelings out on the table, she slips away.

Lu has moved on with her life until one night she witnesses something to put her in danger but who comes in like a knight, but Nikolai and he is not going to let her go this time.

This is not the first book I have read by this author and all her books are brilliant and full of thrilling intrigue and twists. Luke or Lu as she likes to be called is a strong independent woman who has looked after herself for years, but I loved the way the character of Nikolai is strong enough to let her have her space but demands the alpha male when needed. The story is fast paced and will have you at the edge of your seat.

The chemistry between the two main characters comes of the pages in waves and the intermit scenes are full of steam and passion. I really enjoyed reading this book and will definitely read more in the future.

Underboss’s Retaliation (Sicilian Gods Book 2) by Via Mari – Review by Angela Shirley

Underboss's Retaliation (Sicilian Gods Book 2)Underboss’s Retaliation by Via Mari
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Dominic is on high alert from the attack at the casino and when Salvatore issues the order to go and seek revenge he is more than happy to attack De Rosa’s house and grab the only thing that is dear to De Rosa’s heart his daughter as a bargaining chip, but all hell breaks loose and he has his hands full.

Emelia has been taught well for this day, as a mafia princess she knows that she is always on alert and can easily be taken to use against the family, so when she was hiding in the tunnels trying to not to be found but when the dark eyes meet hers, she is in trouble.

Dominic has Emelia as a pawn in this game of power but she is not easy, a hellcat who is trying to escape at every turn but something shifts and Dom starts being drawn to Emelia knowing that the relationship is forbidden and could get them both killed. Can they keep what they have hidden long enough so Dom and Emelia explain.

I loved the first book in this series and this book does not disappoint, the story picks up just after the first book ends and the families are at war with each other. I love the character of Emelia as she is cast at first as the helpless Mafia Princess but as the story goes on you get to see the sheer determination of her character and the strong female role model you want in a book like this. She is equal to Dom and he treats her with the respect as an equal also which is wonderful to read.

The story is full of revelations of both families and how the next generation of the Larussio’s are planning to lead the family. The chemistry between the two jumps off the page and is a great dynamic to read through the adventures of both, with a twist at the end I could not stop reading this book and read it in one sitting.

I can’t wait for Lorenzo’s story as he is a quiet character in the other books, I have a feeling he is deadly under the covers.

Handle With Care (Chase Care Book 1) by R.L. Dunn – Review by Angela Shirley

Handle With Care (Chase Care Book 1)Handle With Care by R.L. Dunn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Dr Hunter Montgomery is heart broken and lost, losing a partner is always hard so when he is promoted in Chase Care to Chief Medical Office, he throws all he has at it, it becomes his life until one night in she comes throwing him off balance and re-evaluating his priorities.

Dr Selma Bryant sees him across the room, the guy who she has loved for years but the timing could not be the worst. Selma has agreed to take an assignment in Africa with Doctors without borders to help the current pandemic which is in full swing there but can she help reduce the virus without anything happening to her.

As things get hairy and Hunter and the team make there way to Africa to help, can they save the camp and Dr Bryant?

I love this author and her brilliant writing and character development. This is a spin off series from Chase Security and although this can be read as a stand-alone series, some characters and history maybe useful from reading the Chase Security but not essential.

I loved that the first book is Hunter’s stories, the way the story develops and unwinds is brilliant to read and will have you turning the pages to see what happens next in this thrilling book. Selma is a perfect Ying to Hunter’s character, and they compliment each other brilliantly, also with their back story you fell like you are in the story and following as a friend rather than a reader.

The twist and turns in this well written story will have you up wanting to read the next chapter and before you know it you are at the end of the book and in a huge emotional wreak. Thank you for adding this series to the Chase family and can’t wait to read more in the future.

The Husbands by Naomi Valkyrie – Review by Angela Shirley

The HusbandsThe Husbands by Naomi Valkyrie
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Dorian is an assassin with a spotless reputation until one night in Miami it all goes wrong, when a stranger walks in front of him as he is just about to take the kill shot, Dorian’s world is plunged into turmoil.

Augustine is in the wrong place at the wrong time and when he is wounded by a stray bullet he wonders how this could have happened, but when the hospital assigns a Physical Therapy trainer to him he starts questioning everything in his life.

I have read some of Naomi’s paranormal books and they are thrilling and sends to magical worlds and realms, so I was a little surprise to read a contemporary Romance book from her. That being said it was still full of the brilliant writing and the story draw you in, the characters are charming and the writing shows the vulnerability of the male characters. I am trying not to give too much away because this is a truly great love story.

Reading this book you will go through the emotions with all the characters and I am glad that you got to find out about all the characters not just Augustine and Dorian. Thank you for a truly brilliant, well written read.

Married Blind (King of Screen Book 2) by Morgana Bevan – Review by Angela Shirley

Married Blind (Kings of Screen, #2)Married Blind by Morgana Bevan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Abi is working three jobs and has no time for a life let alone a social life, so when her best friend and sister try to sell her the idea of a reality TV show she is hesitant at best. Is this the only way she is going to meet anyone in her current life and will he become Mr Right.

Finn has yet again caused his agent worries regarding his latest episode, so they strong arm him into reinvesting his image and going on the new reality TV show, all he has to do is playing the doting husband for three months and that’s it all done, can he really do this.

This is the first time I have read anything from this author and I really enjoyed this light hearted story. The characters Finn and Abi were so suited to each other, and the chemistry jumped off the page the minute they were together. Although at the beginning Finn had his doubts and was very offish with her they still developed a comfortable dialogue and interaction.

The story was unique and a page turner and I could not get enough of the story, the story flowed beautifully and really opened up these beautiful characters to make us invested in the relationship and willing them on in the end. I can’t wait to read more books by this wonderful author.

My Pearl Heart by J.N. Sheats – Review by Angela Shirley

My Pearl HeartMy Pearl Heart by J.N. Sheats
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Jasmine is running her own business but working all the hours to make it successful, but she has one fly in the ointment which her business partner.

One morning turn her world in a turn, a random stranger coming up to her and rocking her world, the only trouble is that the stranger is the man who is marrying her best friend and business partner, Cadence. As Jasmine is planning the wedding she starts to fall harder for James and sees the nasty side to her so called best friend, but when she learns the reason around the wedding things start to change with Jasmine.

This is a lovely easy read story with a feel good feelings with a happy ending for the main characters. I loved the character of Jasmine she is a loving and a brilliant boss but I did feel she let Cadence use her for longer than she should have, as with her feisty nature did not quite sit well with the character.

Although the progression of the character of James was brilliant to read I would have liked to have seen a bit more of his history and the deal with him and his parents. I think the flow of the story was brilliant but it needed to be longer. I loved the chemistry between the two main characters of Jasmine and James and glad they found the way to each other in the end.

I would love to read more from this author in the future.

The Hawke Family Complete Collection by Gwyn McNamee – Review by Angela Shirley

The Hawke Family Complete CollectionThe Hawke Family Complete Collection by Gwyn McNamee
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the complete collection of The Hawke Family and oh my god this is brilliant, to be able to have the whole series in one book is heaven.

With all six stories, Savage Collison, Tortured Sky, Stone Sober Building Storm, Tainted Saint and Steele Resolve in one book was great as you can read one after the other and be absorb within the words. Each book offers an insight into the family by following one of the family members with intrigue and twists and turners.

My favourite book out of all of them was Steele Resolve, a tale of forbidden love and unresolved issues within the family. Luca has come back after being away for a while but when he walks into a family meeting and sees the man, he has always loved can he reveal his secret and live a happy life. As the story unfolds you get to see the insight into both worlds these men revolve around.

I loved this series and enjoyed all the stories, with each character jumping out at you and the wonderful stories which involved you within the world of The Hawke family was brilliantly. So sad that it had to come to an end. Can’t wait to read more stories by this wonderful author soon.

Revenge Never Rests (Tallie Brown Suspense Book 2) by Laurie Lewis – Review by Angela Shirley

Revenge Never Rests (Tallie Brown Suspense Book 2)Revenge Never Rests by Laurie Lewis
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Tallie has been running for most of her life which has given her certain skills which is now helping her trying to locate a missing girl but will trying to find this lost child bring up secrets from the past which Tallie is not ready to open or seek.

This book in the second in the series and I have to confess that I had not read the first book, although this can be read as a stand-alone book, I believe I was missing certain important information by not reading the first book, but this did not distract from the overall story.

I loved the character of Tallie, how broken she was but had it in her heart to try and help the thousands of missing people with her history and skills. I loved the twists in the story and the relationships between all the characters, the story was engaging and drawn me, I could not put it down.

I can’t wait to read the first book in this series and other books going forward.

Taming Beckett (The Playmakers Series Hockey Romances Book 1) by G.K. Brady – Review by Angela Shirley

Taming Beckett (The Playmakers, #1)Taming Beckett by G.K. Brady
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Beckett has the reputation of the bad boy of hockey but when he is linked to drug’s everything goes away overnight. His endorsements, his career and then his money have vanished, he is broke and broken, so the only thing he can do to save himself is sell his house.

Paige is a real estate agent tasked to helping Beckett sell his house, but she herself is having issues with a divorce and can she really be bothered to be charmed by an ex-hockey player, but as they start to get to know each other, things start to change and her feelings for Beckett start surfing.

This is a great story of strength and rediscovery; the story introduces two broken people and with a budding friendship along the way discovers that they aren’t as broken as they thought they were. Paige is trapped in a marriage, trying desperately to hang onto anything in the end it is just better to cut the tie, causing her to re-evaluate what she truly needs and wants. With Beckett it is a discovery that all his life he has had people telling him “Yes” and when he finds the one true person who cares enough to say “no” to him he starts to look closely at the person he has become and decides he does not like that person very much.

So as the story entwines both these characters you discover a blossoming romance and respect for each other. I can’t wait to read the next boo in this series.

night In The Museum (Jorja Knight Private Investigator Mystery Series Book 5) by Alice Bienia – Review by Angela Shirley

Knight In The Museum ( Jorja Knight Mystery -Book 5)Knight In The Museum by Alice Bienia
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Jorja Knight prides herself as beginning a great investigator, so when she is asked to investigate a death of a police officer by his daughter, she is unaware what Pandora’s box will be opened.

As the adventure takes hold she discovers ancient Relics with curses, danger around every corner, more dead bodies and a target drawn on her back. Can she find out what is going on in time to save herself, you will have to read to find out.

This is the first story I have read in this series and although this book is the fifth in the series it did not deflect from the story at all. I loved the characters within the story and Jorja was a brilliant driver of the story and I felt like I was right there in the story with her solving the mysteries along the way. I loved the intrigue and the plot twists along the way which enhanced the book and the pleasure of reading it further. With the fast-paced writing and the gripping storyline you will devour this book in one day.

I will want to go back and read the first books and see how this great character was introduced to us in the first instalment in this wonderful series.

The Fifth Daughter of Thorn Ranch by Julia Brewer Daily – Review by Angela Shirley

The Fifth Daughter of Thorn RanchThe Fifth Daughter of Thorn Ranch by Julia Brewer Daily
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Emma has just gotten her degree and is on her way to becoming a Vet but as the heir to The Thorn Ranch her future seems all too predictable, wanting to explore more the outside world, but her world is about to explode in a way she was not expecting but will she have lost forever.

This is my first book in this series and from this author and I have to say it was breath-taking and stunning to read. The premise of the book is somewhat unique storyline which I have not discovered before, which made it interesting and thrilling to read, and with the wonderful characters and the interactions along the way I could not put the book down.

I don’t want to give too much away as I think the elements of the surprise enhances the story but the character of Emma and her enthusiasm for life and adventure comes through with every word written and how she is such a strong woman and not letting the predicament get to her which she embraced tried to learn the ways of The People.

This story was well written and well developed and would love to read more by this author in the future, thank you for letting me peak inside the world you created.