Rivals (Mafia Elite Book 7) by Amy McKinley – Review by Angela Shirley

Rivals (Mafia Elite, #7)Rivals by Amy McKinley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Mia needs to escape before its too late, but the only problem is she needs protection, the only solution is one of the Five families and him. Nico is the only one who can help but how can she get him to agree to the scheme she has going on or will she be left to the wolves and disappear.

Nico is the quiet, dark and dangerous brother within the Five Families not looking to find a wife but when Mia crashes into his world everything changes, can he close his heart and believe its just business or will he fight to the death for her.

I have to say I have been waiting for this story to come along since the first couple of books I read in this series. Nico has always been the enigma in the background showing pockets of his life and history only wetting the appetite until now and oh my what a story.

This could be read as a stand alone but there are sections which and overall knowledge of the series would be helpful to link various characters and history but it is not essential but really this series is amazing so I would recommend all of the books to read. The character of Mia is brilliant, strong and resilient to be thrust into the world of the Five Families, with the first interaction of the two characters just as stormy as the skies around them just was a brilliant start to the book.

Getting to know Nico abit more was the guiding light for me as he is my favourite character in this series with his mystery and pure sex appeal, oh my!!! I loved although Mia is younger in age she is just as strong and spunky to match the ferrous character of Nico and does not take any crap from him at all, they are great together.

Although there are twists and turns and revelations within this story that are great, I can wait to read more from Amy in the future.

Shake Down (First Coast Thriller Book 1) by Armand Rosamilia – Review by Angela Shirley

Shake Down (First Coast Thriller Series)Shake Down by Armand Rosamilia
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Clayton is lost at the moment, with his life as he knows it gone, losing his family and job as a police officer to his gambling addiction is there ever a way to get back on the right track. Until he gets a job with Jimmy within the Repo business until things start becoming weird and people are going missing.

Can Clayton get back his life and find out what is going on when people start going missing and he tries to help the local force, will he put himself and his family in the middle of something he can’t get out of.

This is the first book I have read by this author and have to say I pleasantly surprised with the story and the drama written with the pages. The characters are well developed and drive the story as the twists and turns adds to the overall intensity of the story.

I love a good flawed character trying to make good and Clayton is up there with the best, the way he is trying to get back his family and trying to resolve some his past is brilliant to read and you are invested from the first chapter as he is a likable rogue. The secondary characters complete the story and drive through to make you want to keep turning the pages to read what will happen next.

I definitely recommend this book and would love to read more of this series and the author in the future.

Someone Exactly Like Me (Wounded Hearts Series Book 1) by Debbie Cromack – Review by Angela Shirley

Someone Exactly Like Me (Wounded Hearts, #1)Someone Exactly Like Me by Debbie Cromack
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Destiny has had her fair share of broken relationships and has her heart caged to not get hurt again. Although as a writer she is in a slump and needs to help the creative ideas flow, but they are just not there, when her best friend takes her out for there traditional birthday celebrations, Destiny is strangely drawn to Nico, but will her playboy ways stop her from following the attraction they both feel.

Niccolo has rose to fame in the movie world but is determined to break America, the Italian playboy has swept the news, but he has always just wanted to settle down and have a family. Although being burnt terrible in his past, he has always shut off his feelings and the hook ups he has now are to satisfy his sexual needs rather than emotional, until he met Destiny.

This is a great book, well developed and written with emotion and depth of the characters which added to the overall experience of the story.

I loved the chemistry between the two characters as well and it was great to be a part of the getting to know side of the relationship rather than gun hoe and in bed with each other within the first couple of chapters. They both have had monumental heartbreak and try to move forward from but the way the story weaved within there doubts and concerns added depth to the story and draws you into the characters even more.

If you are looking for a raunchy, sex driven book then this may not be the book for you, but if you want to get to know the characters and walk through a journey of discovery and rediscover trust and loyalty within a relationship then this story is for you 100%, you will not be disappointed at all. I can’t wait to read Cali’s story in the next book in this series.

Burned by Fire (Firehouse 13 Book 4) by Danielle Jacks – Review by Angela Shirley

Burned by Fire (Firehouse 13, #4)Burned by Fire by Danielle Jacks
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sol has been through a traumatic rescue; people deem him as a hero, but he is feeling lost. Now trying to find a way back into life since being medically retired he is in a slump; he is drinking heavily to numb the pain but when he receives and intervention and is forced to speak to a therapist, he starts discovering himself again and there is life after the Fire Service.

Ember is new in the firehouse and loving every minute, her life is her career, and nothing is going to pull her from the focus, but when she sees her old mentor throwing his life away, she is determined to show him the way out. Although she is willing to do anything to help a friend, she has always had a secret crush on him, but will he see her as the woman she had become or the kid he mentored in the Fire Service.

This story was a well written and developed story. It is not often that the mental health card is given to the male character in the story, but this is written with respect, strength and the willing to go and try to sort out the demons going through the main character.

The chemistry between the two main characters was brilliantly and although this is my first book within this series this can be read as a standalone story. I loved the interaction of the secondary characters which flowed with the story and bringing the main characters more depth and growth as the story went on. I find these sorts of series brilliant with different authors perspectives on main theme is both enjoyable and refreshing.

I can’t wait to read the rest of the books in this series and more books by this author as well.

Body Checked (Astoria Bay Thunder Book 2) by CJ Cartwright – Review by Angela Shirley

Body Checked (Astoria Bay Thunder #2)Body Checked by C.J. Cartwright
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Bridger has the reputation of the playboy hockey star, and he is happy with that, the self-proclaimed bachelor but when his persona is affecting his career, he become more adamant to try and shed the fast life image and concentrate on growing up and being much more. So, when he is asked to set up a team charity calendar, how hard can it be?

Tia has had enough of rich playboys, after the last one tried to destroy her, she is wanting a quiet life, until she is plunged into the world of hockey. Her boss is shooting the calendar for the Astoria Bay Hockey Team and when she runs into Bridger her world goes slightly off centre, the chemistry between them is great but he irritates the crap out of her and he is in the “Playboy” category which she is wanting to stay away from, but can she?

I love a good hockey story, and this does not disappoint, the interaction between the main character is great to read. I love a good frenemies story and the chemistry between these two is electric, with the insecurities that comes from both main characters just adds another dimension in to a great story. I loved that this book can be read as stand alone within the series and I can guarantee that I will be reading more in this series and by this author.

Levi (The Brothers of Creekside Ranch Book 1) by Edith Mackenzie – Reviewed By Angela Shirley

LeviLevi by Edith Mackenzie
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Levi has been forced to return home to help run the family ranch and to look after his little sister with his brothers when his dad and stepmother died. They are all trying to find the balance in their lives but when an old military friend of Levi’s asks for a favour, he is more than happy to help protect the person in his charge.

Bella is scared, she put herself in a position of no return with a man who is violate and evil, when she receives a way out, she takes it with both hands but when she lands on the doorstep of Levi and his family, can she keep the pretence up with the family or will she break as they openly welcome her into the family. Plus, can she also hide the chemistry between her and Levi?

This is the first time I have read a book but this author and will not be the last. I enjoyed the way the story flowed, and the characters were well developed, the contrast between Levi and Bella was a lovely dimension with the higher society in which Bella lived with the coldness of her family to the honest and warmth that flowed through Levi’s family was great to read.

With the secondary characters this brought the world to life, and I am desperate to see if the author continues the series with the other brothers whose stories are there for the taking and to also see more into the future of Bella and Levi. I cannot wait.

Saved by Love (Bellevue Bullies Book 7) by Toni Aleo – Review by Angela Shirley

Saved by Love (Bellevue Bullies #7)Saved by Love by Toni Aleo
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Evan Alder is one of the Alder greats within the hockey world, although Evan is not as confident as his twin brother so decides for his mental health to medically retire from Hockey. With this decision done he then looks at what does he really want. So, when he decides to go to school and become a sports therapist, he has anxiety where this is the right path for him.

When he arrives he is then assigned the RA position in the Hockey house which is giving him anxiety but also he is assigned as the sports therapist to the Gymnastics team, the only problem is he has no clue about the sport, but as time goes on he does both jobs to his best ability but when a certain girl catches his eye, can he keep the job and his love life separate?

Callie has struggled to get where she is and being enrolled into one of the top schools for gymnastics, so when the new term starts in walks someone, she thought she would ever see, Evan Alder. Although Evan has been a fantasy to her for years as her “dad” plays with his twin brother, so she must walk carefully regarding pursuing him, until they see him running and then all bets are off and Callie declares to the girls that he is hers for the taking.

As Evan and Callie get closer can they maintain a relationship or will other factors knock them off course.

This is the first book I have read in this series or by the author and I can confirm that this can be read as a stand-alone book, although it has piqued my interest to read the series from the beginning and the other spin off series to see how the other characters got together.

The two main characters were brilliantly developed, and I like the fact that the main male character struggled with his mental health and issues which normally are portrayed by female characters in books. The chemistry between the two of them charged off the page and was crafted beautifully within the story. I loved the way that Callie’s life starts off rough and with her sister’s sheer grit and determination to get her were she is has given Callie and great role model to follow and then with Nico’s fatherly protection it was lovely to finally see her have love in both a relationship and family. The story was well developed and flowed easily and held my interest until the end.

I look forward to reading more books by this author and hopefully add a few more book boyfriends to my ever-growing list.

e Mastermind (WaterFyre Rising Book 1) by Nadia Han – Review by Angela Shirley

The Mastermind : A Brother's Best Friend Romance (WaterFyre Rising Book 1)The Mastermind : A Brother’s Best Friend Romance by Nadia Han
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Remi is living in a dark place, a billionaire who has strived to be the best and hide his past, but he has always had a core group of friends who have been there through all the issues with his dad and stepfamily especially his bully of a stepbrother.

He always felt safe and wanted at his friend Graysen’s house, with Mrs Wu always trying to feed them up and show warmth and love he did not have at his own home. As the year’s went on and college came and went Remi built his empire up around the Waterfront of his youth, but now will his past come back and the darkness seep deeper.

Audri Wu has always been the only girl in the group of boys that were constantly at her house, but she has always had a soft spot for Remi. While working at her job she becomes the target of harassment, although she has been to HR nothing really gets sorted but then suddenly there is an announcement that the company has been sold and in walks Remi, but as the chemistry between the two of them intensifies can they make a relationship work or will the past shatter it wide open.

This is the first time I have read anything by this author, and I loved the story and the characters. Remi and Audri’s characters complimented each other brilliantly with the dark and light. I love a forbidden love story and with the twist within this story just had me turning the pages to get to the thrilling parts, although I enjoyed the story it did in my opinion took a while to get going but I understand the backstory had to be told as this led them to this part.

The secondary characters where also a brilliant added addition and hope that this series grows so we get to see the other friends’ lives expanded and delve into the world of the Waterfyre in more detail.

Love is Worth Fighting for (The Meraki Series Book 3) by Effie Kammenou – Review by Angela Shirley

Love is Worth Fighting forLove is Worth Fighting for by Effie Kammenou
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

All Krystina wants to do is travel the world and be a famous blogger but when her Loukas her childhood nemesis decides to go along with her, as she goes through, she has no breathing room as he is constantly with her all the time. When they discover challenges long the way the most unlikely person helps her through Loukas.

So, when Krystina takes on the challenge to find her grandfather will they uncover the secrets of the past and locate the lost family member or will they be dragged into problems they never envisioned.

This is the third book in the series and follows the third sister Krystina, although this can be read as a standalone story it would be good to have some of the crossover from the first two books as back story but is not necessary. As always, the story is well written and with the twists and turns in the story will keep you turning the pages to the end.

I loved the character of Krystina in the other stories, and I think Loukas is the right character to compliment Krystina although at first, she does not think so. The emotion and the turmoil in the story follow brilliantly and you feel the journey as if you are there with the character along the way. It is lovely how the relationship is a slow burn and that the reaction of finally realising that they are destined for each other is lovely to read.

I can’t wait to read the next book.

PREMEDITATED: A Trust Betrayed, Lives Sabotaged, A Love Undaunted (Agents of Justice Book 2) by Susanna Haymond – Review by Angela Shirley

PremeditatedPremeditated by Susanna Haymond
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When the people who are trying to stop the push of drugs onto the streets start getting symptoms of drug use, they realise someone is trying to sabotage the work they are trying to do to help the young kids.

Anne is one of the crusaders who are trying to rid the streets of the evil drugs, but she gets embroiled in the sabotage but with help from her friends can she try and find out who is the main man and stop the sabotage before it goes too far.

In the meantime, DEA Agents are trying to close in on drug related crimes, Josh and Grant have been working the case a while but when things start happening to Anne who is Grant’s ex-partners fiancé it starts to become personal, and can they race against time to find out who is behind it all.

This is the first book I have read by this author, and I really enjoyed the flow of the story and the relationships between the main characters, although this is the second book in this series it did not distract from this story, and I believe this could be read as a standalone book.

If you are looking for a good thriller this book is for you, with the twists and turns in the story will have you racing through the book to discover who is the mastermind behind it all and that can the main characters save the day. Although there are some religious aspects to the story this does not distract but adds another layer to the complex story and you learn about the character of Anne and where her values come from. If you love a good thriller and want to immersed yourself into the story, then this is the book for you.