Degrees of Power (A Prestian Series Book 4) by Via Mari – Review by Debi Kircher

Degrees of Power (Prestian Series, #4)Degrees of Power by Via Mari
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Degrees of Power (A Prestian Series Book 4) by Via Mari

5 Stars

🙁 It’s over…I don’t want it to be over! This last part of this series was just as fresh and exciting as the first one, I never lost interest or got bored at any point during my reading of this series. I’m quite content with how it ended as far as the storyline and how this author wrapped things up, I’m just so very sad that it’s done.

I have sincerely enjoyed Katarina and Chase’s journey, it was definitely a bumpy ride and wasn’t always sunshine and rainbows. Through all the other things going on in the stories you could actually feel how their relationship was building and progressing and the push and pull just made them stronger.

This author has definitely become a favorite of mine and I was so happy to see that Jenny is getting her own story and that our possibilities of seeing Chase and Katarina again are quite high.

You truly must read this series but don’t do it out of order, trust me you need the whole story!

Loved Loved Loved it and can’t wait to re-read this in the future.

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