Knight Watch (An Alliance Agency Novel Book 1) by Maddie Wade & India Kells – Review by Debi Kircher

Knight Watch (An Alliance Agency Novel #1)Knight Watch by India Kells
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Knight Watch (An Alliance Agency Novel Book 1) by Maddie Wade & India Kells

5 ++++ Stars

I am so loving two of my favorite authors ever teaming up in this series…I especially love since they are both so awesome that the stories flow so smooth, you can not tell there are two authors writing this book.

I love this new Alliance and the people are all fresh and complicated, and awesome, and troubled, and amazing and I can’t wait to read about each one of them.

Kingsley and Sydney were everything each other needed even if they had no idea, Sydney’s past was horrible and it just would not leave her alone. Kingsley gets to head up the Alliance Agency’s first case and must save the niece of a rich and powerful man who is being held for ransom …but further investigation into the whole story brings to light some things that don’t make a lot of sense. I loved the first meeting between Kingsley and Sydney and I fell for him so quick with how he did everything he could to prove to her that she could trust him.

This is going to be an amazing series and I already feel like im completely invested in this group, I can not wait for the next one and all those to come after.

Highly recommend!!

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Loving Jake (Almost Perfect Series Book 1) by Lisa Lanay – Review by Debi Kircher

Loving JakeLoving Jake by Lisa Lanay
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Loving Jake (Almost Perfect Series Book 1) by Lisa Lanay

5 +++++ Stars

Oh my gosh I loved this book!! Being my first by this author I wasn’t sure what to expect and it went beyond what I could have hoped for. I loved these people Jake and Kimberly were awesome and I was so totally invested in their story from the first couple pages. Not only the leads but I loved the secondary as well. The miscommunication between Jake and Kimberly had me wanting to crawl into the book and slap them both upside the head. I did though feel so bad for Jake, his story and the way it was told broke my heart, then mended it just as quick. The hospital scene took my breath away!!

This was an original story that at times I thought would go a certain way yet this author found ways to keep it fresh and unique and I appreciated that. I fell head over heels for gramps even if he was a bit difficult at times and he broke my heart.

This was an awesome start to a new series, one that I know I will read over and over again. I can not wait for Zanes story and also anything else this author writes..

Can’t recommend this enough, it had all the feels and I loved it!

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Risking Everything: A Steamy Anthology of First Responders by Kara Liane, K.L. Montgomery, Harlow Layne, Amanda Siegrist, A.K. MacBride, Jody Kaye, Syd Ryan, Alyne Hart, Kelsey Cheyenne, Larissa Gail – Review by Debi Kircher

Risking Everything: A Steamy Anthology of First RespondersRisking Everything: A Steamy Anthology of First Responders
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Risking Everything: A Steamy Anthology of First Responders by Kara Liane, K.L. Montgomery, Harlow Layne, Amanda Siegrist, A.K. MacBride, Jody Kaye, Syd Ryan, Alyne Hart, Kelsey Cheyenne, Larissa Gail

5 Stars

I had to have this anthology as soon as I saw it and one clicked it as quick as I could. I’ve read or wanted to read many of these authors and thought what better way to do that then to help a great charity.

What first drew me to this collection was KL Montgomery, she sits within the top of my favorites and is always an automatic one click, she has actually written a couple of my favorite books of all time so I could not resist. Reconstructed Heart was a quick yet complete story full of all kinds of emotions and Trey and Jenna had me all kinds of messed up. Took me a bit to warm up to Jenna yet I really like how her character was written. Trey won me over immediately and my heart went out to him as he worked through a devastating event involving a friend. How this author weaved the events of this story is just one of the reasons I love her so so much. I seriously loved that this was not an insta love type of story, I loved the caution that was taken by Trey even if I wanted to push him here and there lol I still loved how all that played out.

This collection was awesome, I got to experience authors I’ve wanted to read for awhile and I also have now stumbled on a few new to me authors that have me checking out what else might be available. It also opened my eyes a bit more as I was taken a bit closer to what our first responders deal with on an everyday basis. My respect has only grown more because of this.

Loved it and absolutely recommend everyone one click this amazing anthology!!

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Running In Snow: A Holiday Novella by Renee Regent – Review by Debi Kircher

Running In Snow, A Holiday NovellaRunning In Snow, A Holiday Novella by Renee Regent
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Running In Snow: A Holiday Novella by Renee Regent

5 Stars

This is my third book by this author and once again I loved it..I think my favorite part right now is that I read it when the holidays are approaching and it seriously helped me get into the spirit. Of the two short stories I think Noelle’s Promise was my favorite. It was a story full of alot of feelings and my heart went out to her all the way through. Although quite short and I would have loved a lot more it still felt like a full and complete story. I loved how patient Logan was throughout and his family was awesome!

I also enjoyed Eve’s Hope but did not connect to that quite as easily, that one felt a bit rushed and before I knew it I was done..I think I’d have loved that had there been more story involved. I did really like the fact that one story focussed on Christmas and the other New Years.

I read this in one sitting and can not wait for more from this author.

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Fire & Ice (Spicetopia #3) by Phoebe Alexander – Review by Debi Kircher

Fire & Ice (Spicetopia #3)Fire & Ice by Phoebe Alexander
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Fire & Ice (Spicetopia #3) by Phoebe Alexander

5 Stars

Just a bit different in a couple ways…This one was full of suspense, just a few heavy sex scenes, and what I like to call a couple that doesnt share LOL Add all of this up and for me this is my favorite so far. I loved the first two as well but this one was amazing!!

I LOVED Neve and Enya, their interaction was everything I love in characters. She just cracked me up and even when the danger kicked in, her strength and will during that was awesome. I loved Neve’s inner dialogue, especially when Enya wouldn’t give up and kept on and on.

I truly love this series, and am so so excited to still be following Cy & Jolie’s ongoing story and can not wait for what is on tap for the next book..this is written in true Phoebe fashion…you just really don’t know what might happen or who it might happen to or with.

Highly recommend starting at the beginning…for me this is not a standalone and you will be so thankful you did!

As Always..Another out of this world book from one of my favorite authors ever!!

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Courage of Us (Code of Honor Book 1) by Brooke May – Review by Debi Kircher

Courage of UsCourage of Us by Brooke May
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Courage of Us (Code of Honor Book 1) by Brooke May

5 +++++ Stars

I loved this book so so much, this is only my second read by this author and that has to change because I absolutely love her writing style and her creative storylines.

Patience is probably one of my favorite characters ever..I want to be her friend and hang out with all her friends as well. I truly felt like I was inside this book while reading. I loved the parents and Aunt Satin cracked me up. I wanted to slap Duke upside the head, I was so mad at him for a good part of this book, he did finally win me over and I was able to forgive him, took me a bit longer than it did Patience, I wanted to slap her as well for not making him grovel a bit more.

This story had me hooked from page one and I seriously had problems putting it down until I finished. I loved all the interaction and I felt almost every emotion while reading, I smiled a lot, but it also made me seriously sad for everything Patience went through.

I hope there is more to come from this town and all these characters. I would love for all the guys to come home and have more interaction with the whole group…

Highly recommend this book!!!

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The Rise of House Valdis (House Valdis Book 1) by Naomi Valkyrie – Review by Debi Kircher

The Rise of House Valdis (House Valdis #1)The Rise of House Valdis by Naomi Valkyrie
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Rise of House Valdis (House Valdis Book 1) by Naomi Valkyrie

5 Stars

I have so many thoughts after reading this author’s debut novel and I’m not sure how to put it all into words, so will try this:

What I loved –
I opened this book prepared for confusion, because debut novels a lot of times do this to me as an author settles in to their comfort zone, but what I love is that the writing felt like I was sitting at a table with this author and she was literally talking to me and telling me this story. That was awesome!

I also loved that I dont choose this genre yet found myself not being able to put this book down.

I loved that the absolutely beautiful cover made me one click but the authors words kept me totally invested in this story and the characters.

Speaking of the characters, Xen was Awesome! I loved her inner dialogue and her strength throughout all that was changing in her life.

I loved how easy and smooth this book felt and I enjoyed every word while reading it in one sitting.

What I didnt love –

ummmm…The next book is not available yet….

Yep that’s it …I can not recommend this book enough and I can not wait to read more from this author.

Outstanding job!!

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Stalking the Stalker (Valley View Mysteries Book 2) by Laura Hawks – Review by Debi Kircher

Stalking the StalkerStalking the Stalker by Laura Hawks
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Stalking the Stalker (Valley View Mysteries Book 2) by Laura Hawks

4 Stars

This is I believe my 2nd book by this author and I truly did enjoy it..It had a lot of moving parts and I got confused a couple times but was able to catch back on pretty quick. I also thought I had it all figured out like 10 times lol only to be wrong 9 of them.

Poor Louise was a complete mess LOL and her poor daughter Mackenzie, I loved her character and how she handled everything that was happening with her Mom, her Dad and just everything involved.

This was a great story and I became invested quite early and read it in one sitting. This would have been a 5 star book for me had I not lost the story a couple times but like I said I caught back up pretty quick.

I am definitely looking forward to more books from this author.

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Stars Fall From the Sky (Reigning Hearts Book Two) by KG Fletcher – Review by Debi Kircher

Stars Fall From the Sky (Reigning Hearts #2)Stars Fall From the Sky by K.G. Fletcher
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Stars Fall From the Sky (Reigning Hearts Book Two) by KG Fletcher

5+++++++ Stars

This book…..not sure how to write this review so just going to go with whatever pops in my head.

This story grabbed me from page 1…squeezed the ever loving life out of me…destroyed me …blew life back in to me, knocked me back down again, and then picked me back up…I ugly cried more than once, well more than twice actually and feel completely worn out. I’ve read I think all of this authors books, I’ve loved every one of them and will read them all again at some point, but this one even though the second in a series stands with in my top favorites of all time.

Ginger and Jonathon brought out every emotion I didn’t know I had. This story was written so beautifully and felt so real. I swear I feel like I stepped back out of Sandersville Beach after reading the last page. I loved Ginger in Emmy and Cappy’s book and love her even more now. Speaking of which it was so completely awesome being back with Emmy and Thomas again as well..I loved their story and it was nice to be apart of their continuing journey. I love this town and I love the people in it…I want to move there!

I want so bad to get into more details of the story itself but I don’t trust myself to do that without giving away things I shouldn’t be so will end here and leave you with…these books are a must read, there’s too much in the first book to skip it so I don’t recommend that. I can not wait for Fiona’s story, I’ve been curious since book one how she would be handled and her story is next..YES!!

Many thanks and much love to this author!

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Pigs by Daniel James – Review by Debi Kircher

PigsPigs by Daniel James
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Pigs by Daniel James

5 +++++++ Stars

As much as this cover scared the bejeesus outta me I just knew I had to read this book after reading the synopsis. Holy Moly talk about a lot of moving parts. I only got lost a couple times as there was so much going on, but it didn’t take long to find my way back. I wish this author had more books out because I’ll tell you right now I would be 1 clicking right about now but I’ll have to settle with following so Im first in line when the next one comes out. I would so love to see a follow up to this book, I became so invested in Isaac’s story and I did not want it to end.

His journey to avenge those he loved was a nail biting while sitting on the edge of your seat kind of story. My heart is still literally broke for this man. I could almost feel the battle he was fighting not only physically but the one he had raging in his mind. I also loved Roach, and there just seems to be more story to tell for both of them. I sincerely hope there’s more to come.

I highly recommend anyone that loves a good crime / mystery / dangerous / thrill ride to grab this book immediately. I absolutely loved it and the writing was outstanding!

Amazing and falls in the deserves more than 5 stars category!

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