Slick Running (Satan’s Devils MC #3) AUDIO BOOK by Manda Mellett – Review by Debi Kircher

Slick Running (Satan’s Devils MC #3) AUDIO BOOK by Manda Mellett 

5 Stars


It had been awhile since I read this ebook and of course jumped at the chance to have it read to me once again. She did an amazing job picking her narrators for this book and I literally listened to it in a little over a day including breaks.


This one came right out of the shoot tearing at my emotions, and I’m not sure those emotions ever evened out. This one kinda sorta has two storylines, one started back in book #1 and I love the way that was all handled..took me a second and I was like whoa hold on this sounds familiar then I actually went back and paid attention to the times given to me at the beginning of the chapters.


My heart is still completely broken and there’s parts of this book that will still play out later and I’m actually not looking forward to those because I know they aren’t going to be easy. Not going to go into any of that because you really just need to pick this up to appreciate all of the emotions.


Slick has absolutely positively won every ounce of respect I can muster up, I felt so bad for him because he didn’t know the whole story about Ella and what she went through and acted rashly, as well as how Ella was dealing with it all. There are alot of moving parts to this whole book, and in some ways it’s because I know what is to come down the road. This is now another of my favorites from all of these series, although I’ve read them all I still can not wait now to grab every audible going forward.


Please do yourself a favor and lose yourself in this Satan’s Devils world…it is absolutely positively no doubt about it my favorite MC of all books I’ve ever read!

Swipe Right to Bite (New Orleans Nocturnes Book 6) by Carrie Pulkinen – Review by Debi Kircher

Swipe Right to Bite (New Orleans Nocturnes, #6)Swipe Right to Bite by Carrie Pulkinen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Stars

This is my very first book by this author and luckily being it is book 6 in the series I did not need the previous books to enjoy this story. It was written very well and did make me smile a lot and even laugh out loud a few times. I could feel that I missed a lot though by not reading other character stories, and I normally do not do that but it did not take away from this one being a fully enjoyable standalone.

I love reading books that are set in New Orleans, there’s just a feeling that goes along with that setting. I don’t normally read this genre but have heard so many good things about this author and I’m really glad I tried it and am definitely looking forward to reading many more.

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Whatever Tomorrow Brings (Embrace Tomorrow Duet Book 2) by Amy Argent – Review by Debi Kircher

Whatever Tomorrow Brings (Embrace Tomorrow #2)Whatever Tomorrow Brings by Amy Argent
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5+++++ Stars

I’m so sad that I’m done with these two books and I’ll never get to read them for the first time again! Not many books make me feel that way but these have somehow touched me in a way not many books have and it feels cheap to say this but, this 2 book series has absolutely become my favorites of 2021.

I’m going to miss the sweetness of Tori and Will. With everything they went through you could feel how much they cared for each other radiating off the pages. My heart still broke a few times in this part of the story. I can only imagine how those fears can affect a person, and once again the way every scene was written was with a lot of thought and you could tell the author put everything she had into each word. I loved how the friendships held tight throughout and how they all came together to help and be the support system for them.

This one had a few scenes that you really will need a fan blowing on you while reading! Holy Moly!! And thats all Im going to say about that LOL

These 2 books are a team, you can not read one without the other, and I can not wait to give it some time and start them all over again.

So many thanks to this author for giving me this story, and also taking the time needed to make them so perfect.

Can not wait for more from this author!!!! I will read them all!

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Unlikely to Stay (Parker Lake) by Olivia Sherwood – Review by Debi Kircher

Unlikely to Stay (A Parker Lake Novel Book 3)Unlikely to Stay by Ashlie Knapp
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 ++++ Stars

Oh my goodness, I love this series so so much! I love this author and will read anything she decides to write. I love her way of adding in humorous dialogue between her characters and the way she keeps things real throughout.

Her stories flow so easily that you don’t even realize you are at the end until it happens. I read this in one sitting, I enjoyed it so much I just couldn’t put it down. I have absolutely fallen in love with this town and its residents. Some are almost too quirky but I absolutely love them and am so glad they are the way they are. I found myself with a smile on my face and laughing out loud many times, yes I also got very emotional at times because a few of the stories about these people absolutely broke my heart. Brant and CC were an amazing lead couple, I loved them both and Brants Mom, omg she was a hoot!

The friendship and family aspect of this story was my favorite part, which is why I will go back and read these all again. I highly recommend reading these in order, even though each focuses on a different couple, the history of these friends makes every book that much more enjoyable!

I am so very much looking forward to the next in this series and anything that this author comes up with. She is awesome and an absolute one click for me.

I loved every single word!

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Black Canvas by Laura Rossi – Review by Debi Kircher

Black CanvasBlack Canvas by Laura Rossi
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 ++++ Stars

I have no words to describe what I was feeling while reading this book then when I finished. I was in awe of the writing, it was an open the book and forgetting you exist outside of it kind of book! I read it in 2 sittings and although I had a small problem connecting with Aria at first, I enjoyed every second of this read. As you read you can start to feel the building of the why in this story. Why Aria is Aria, why the spiraling loss of control.

I love books that have jaw dropping twists that you don’t see coming. This one had that in spades. Perfectly placed twists! I still don’t have my thoughts straight so writing this review is not easy. I 100% loved this book. I love this genre and reading ones that are written like this make me love it even more!

This is my first read by this author and I’m blown away. I already have her page up so that I can read even more. I love the style, I love the way she handles character dialogue and my favorite is that I truly got lost in this book. I already want to read it again, and will soon!

I have added this author to my watchlist and can’t wait to read more!!


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Limbo by Laura Koerber – Review by Debi Kircher

LimboLimbo by Laura Koerber
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 Stars

I read this in one sitting as it’s a very short quick read and when it ended I was really confused. I guess like all books you read you know that that last page is going to clear everything up for you. I either missed that happening, or it didn’t happen with this one. This was a really good read though and I enjoyed the whole idea of this storyline. I have not read other books yet by this author but I do plan to because the writing was amazing. I had a clear picture in my head of the town and each of the characters. It felt calm and thought provoking all the way through. My 4 stars are only based on wanting more I think. I didn’t have that satisfied feeling of closure at the end.

I will be looking into other books by this author based on the writing that I very much enjoyed in this one!

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Red’s Peril Part 2: The Prez’s Old Lady (Satan’s Devils MC Vegas Chapter #2) by Manda Mellett – Review by Debi Kircher

Red's Peril Part 2: The Prez's Old Lady (Satan's Devils MC Vegas #2)Red’s Peril Part 2: The Prez’s Old Lady by Manda Mellett
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Red’s Peril Part 2: The Prez’s Old Lady (Satan’s Devils MC Vegas Chapter #2) by Manda Mellett

5 Stars

I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this book after finishing Part 1. I’ve read so many of this author’s books it feels like the MC is just part of my life now. Don’t even try to read this one without reading part 1, I did read it and had to stop and think and remember a few things. This is just another addition to an awesome multi series story. A series that spans many different chapters but still feels like one family.

Red and Cher’s story was awesome, although they didn’t grab me quite as quickly as many others’ stories it was still a book I had a hard time putting down for the everyday life things. It touched on subjects that have become a reality in real life and “keeping it real” is what has made me fall in love with this author.

Each story in all of these chapter series is always fresh and new, never predictable and as always I can not wait for more.

If you have not entered the Satan’s Devils clubhouses yet, I highly recommend you open that door, you will never want to leave!

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Born in Darkness (Mafia Elite Book 3) by Amy McKinley – Review by Debi Kircher

Born in Darkness (Mafia Elite, #3)Born in Darkness by Amy McKinley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Stars

I could not wait to read this, I fell in love with Emiliana and Stefano right from the start and read this book in one sitting. I was able to do that because I know that when I start a book by this author I never want to put it down so I made sure I chose a day I could just jump in and savor every word.

This was a perfect addition to this series. If you have not read these yet, you really must. This had me on the edge of my seat more than once and I found I couldn’t read fast enough because I had to know what was going to happen next! As usual the twists were placed perfectly and you never knew they were coming.

I love this author, she is among my favorites, and I’d read anything she writes. I can not wait for January when book 4 comes. I also can not wait to read all of these again back to back on a quiet rainy weekend!

Loved It!!

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Come Back Tomorrow (Embrace Tomorrow Duet Book 1) by Amy Argent – Review by Debi Kircher

Come Back Tomorrow (Embrace Tomorrow, #1)Come Back Tomorrow by Amy Argent
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 +++++++ Stars

I finished this book and would normally come right in and write a review. I couldn’t do that with this one. The very first thing I did was one click book 2. I had to read some of that because it was like I had quit breathing after the first.

I normally shy away from anything too sad, anything to do with anyone having the big “C”. I will say that other readers’ reviews for this book is what reeled me in, and the cover kept drawing me back to it. I’m especially shocked that I chose to read this in the times we are living in.

I was hooked on the first paragraph! I hated every single time I had to put this book down, and it never left my mind till I picked it back up. I was completely shocked that this is this author’s first book. I still can’t believe it. It was written as well if not better than many best selling books out there today. Authors with a whole list of books do not have anything on this author. I can tell this was written with a lot of emotion, care, and love. I felt every bit of that. Will and Tori **sigh** first I’ll start with Tori. I walked in her shoes with her this whole book. I fell to my knees with her through this whole book. Her character was written so beautifully and her strength was everything! She was everything Will didnt want around him, yet needed her even though he fought not to. Reading the building of this connection felt completely natural and I cried alot, lost my breath a lot and worried a lot. I also though smiled, and laughed. The interaction between these two was simple perfection in my eyes.

I also want to mention Jenny, I loved her, her character was very strong in this book. I felt her struggle with things I suspected, being torn the way she was I can’t even imagine and don’t know that Id have had the strength to keep those lines from getting blurred.

I loved this book. I already love this author, and I’m so thankful I read it. It’s not all depressing and sad. It’s a journey of a growing love, and a whole lot of hope that never got lost in the mix. It was a lot of people’s reality, and I am so thankful I have the next one sitting right here on my kindle, because waiting for it would probably ruin me!

Many thanks to this author for giving me this book. I know I will be reading this again in the future. I can confidently say this is one of my top 3 books of 2021!

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King Bastard (A Dark Sparrow Novel Book 6) by India Kells – Review by Debi Kircher

King Bastard (Dark Sparrow, #6)King Bastard by India Kells
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 +++++ Stars

I was so messed up when this book hit my kindle. I couldn’t wait to read it yet didn’t want to start it because I knew it was the end of another amazing series by this author. I literally love all of this author’s books, and it might just be because I just finished this that I’m saying this is my favorite. I knew the ongoing story playing out in all these books was going to end in a really big way and I was right. This part though had me feeling every emotion possible. I held my breath more than once and fell in love with Lazarus and Sasha. Oz had already won my heart more than once and I couldn’t wait for him to get his story. This was amazing, reconnecting with others from the previous books. Oz’s mum was perfect in this book!

The twists and turns will have you pulling your hair out, the suspense, danger and I could literally feel the determination of these characters to finally put an end to it all.

This was a perfect ending to an amazing series, one that I can’t wait to read again in the future back to back. Start from book 1, need every story leading up to this one to get the full effect of what is happening. They are all quick reads mainly because once you pick each one up you won’t want to put it down and the next thing you know you’re finished. This author is amazing and I will always pick up any book she writes.

Sad that it’s over! Can’t wait to see what comes next!

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A Cold Creek Christmas (Reigning Hearts, Book 5) by KG Fletcher – Review by Debi Kircher

A Cold Creek Christmas (Reigning Hearts, #5)A Cold Creek Christmas by K.G. Fletcher
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 +++++ Stars

ACK!! I loved this book so so much! I was so hoping Amber would get her own book after reading book 4 and I am beyond thrilled with her story!

Cold Creek is one of my favorite book towns ever! I seriously have wanted to live there and after this one even more so! Amber was such a scrooge but her story just broke my heart and understanding her was easy after that. I loved her already but I connected with her on a different level in this book. I missed Nicky and would have loved to have her there to experience the transformation of her best friend with her best friend.

Mama Sentieri, Gio, and Talia were so awesome, and the bond that formed felt so natural, even though this was a quick read it had every single thing you need to fall in love, transport yourself into the story, and become completely invested in this town, the characters, and the phenomenal writing of this author!

*SIGH* I love this series, this author is one of my top favorites of all time. I want this set on my shelf, really hoping she boxes it and I can purchase it in one simple click!

I recommend you read anything and everything by this author, but this series is a great place to start!

Can’t wait to read them all again back to back!

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MURDER OFF ROUTE 82 (Eve Sawyer Mystery Book 3) by Jane Suen – Review by Debi Kircher

Murder off Route 82 (Eve Sawyer Mystery, #3)Murder off Route 82 by Jane Suen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

MURDER OFF ROUTE 82 (Eve Sawyer Mystery Book 3) by Jane Suen

5 +++++ Stars

I love the Eve Sawyer Series, I actually love anything this author writes. I liked that Eve ended back up at home in this story. I missed Cassie but hoping she returns in future books?

I like the part that Bob played in this book and how he teamed up with Eve as he did. I wondered about the relationship there a few times and Bob’s feelings but very glad their friendship remained the same, so far at least.

This story had me going all different directions. There were a few different moving parts in this book, and the more I tried to figure them out, the more I realized I was wrong. I love how it all ended and one of my favorite characters in the whole book ended up being Randall. I enjoyed his part very much!

This was a quick read and could I suppose be read as a standalone, but you really need the first 2 books to understand why Eve is who she is and why she was pulled into all of this to begin with.

I loved it and as always can not wait for more.

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Priscida Finds Greatness by Constance Mays – Review by Debi Kircher

Priscida Finds Greatness: In Herself and in OthersPriscida Finds Greatness: In Herself and in Others by Constance Mays
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Stars

“Great acts are made up of small deeds”

I love this saying!

If I had read this by myself and reviewed it I would have given it 4 stars, because I wouldn’t have thought the kids would have really gotten this or would stay interested. I was completely wrong. I picked this up because I had 3 of my grands with me for a few days the week of Thanksgiving. They are ages 10 and 11. We read this together taking turns and they completely got it, and enjoyed it. It broke off into conversations and questions and how to apply this book in their own lives. I was blown away and completely impressed with how this book touched them.

This was a great book for teaching children the meaning of finding good in all things, especially themselves.

I loved the time with the kids reading this, and would recommend it highly!

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The Colors of Darkness by Feather Chelle – Review by Debi Kircher

Colors of Darkness: Ability Awareness Activity BookColors of Darkness: Ability Awareness Activity Book by Feather Chelle
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 +++++ Stars

This was an amazing read! I actually read this with 3 of my grandchildren who truly appreciated every word as I did. The activities were spot on and thought provoking, it was awesome to read a book with them where they asked questions that had me even thinking. I plan to buy this book for a few families as Christmas presents this year. This author is an inspiration and brings awareness to so many things while reading this book. This is so relevant in our world today and I’m so glad I picked this up and so very glad I was able to read it with my grandchildren. It was an honor and might just be one of my favorite reads of the year.

Many thanks to this author for sharing this with all of us!

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Mom, Is There a Santa Claus? by Susan J Berger Illustrator: KC Snider – Review by Debi Kircher

Mom, Is There a Santa Claus?Mom, Is There a Santa Claus? by Susan J. Berger
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Mom, Is There a Santa Claus? by Susan J Berger Illustrator: KC Snider

5 Stars

I was lucky enough to have 3 of my grandchildren with me for a few days so grabbed this book as these 3 already are aware of there being no santa. I had them each read this separately and then we talked about it. Each of them loved it. One of them actually wished that when she found out that it had been just like it was handled in this story and they all 3 decided that that’s how they will think about it from now on. That was enough for me to write this review and rate it 5 stars. Have already recommended my daughters read this for when it’s time for the other younger ones to ask this question.

They really liked it!

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Drummer’s Beat (Satan’s Devils MC #2) AUDIO BOOK by Manda Mellett – Review by Debi Kircher

        Drummer’s Beat (Satan’s Devils MC #2) AUDIO BOOK by Manda Mellett 


5+++++++ Stars


This is my favorite book of the entire Satan’s Devils series, all chapters, all cities, this is the one. Drummer is and always will be my number 1! I read this book a ways back and it still stays with me today. Listening to this audio put it in a whole new perspective for me.. I’m not normally an audio person, I do a lot of text to speech, and listening to others with their voices hardly ever add up for me, but this book was spot on.


This one was full of everything I love about Manda’s books but had that little touch of something extra. I can feel how strong this MC is growing. The strength, the brotherhood, the loyalty, and the family. It’s all because of Drum’s leadership and it blows me away.


Drummer and Sam’s book again, will always be a favorite! Dear Lord, if you have not opened the world of the Satan’s Devils, you must do so, I literally can’t imagine not having these stories in my life.


LOVED IT!! And now I actually want to go read it again!

Unlikely to Fit (Parker Lake) by Olivia Sherwood – Review by Debi Kircher

Unlikely to Fit (A Parker Lake Novel Book 2)Unlikely to Fit by Olivia Sherwood
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 +++++++ Stars

I can not explain how much I enjoy reading books by this author. Her smooth writing style is exactly what I enjoy about reading. The quick wit that is a part of the character dialogue, not to mention that they always just feel so real and like I’m sitting there a part of everything going on. I have read these out of order and am so glad I took the time to go back and start at the beginning. Breckin and Griff are two of my favorite characters from this series. I met them in Book 3 then again in book 1. As I said, I’ve read totally out of order, but it doesn’t matter, they are that good.

Griff’s meemaw and Wyatt’s niece Hattie totally stole the story on every page they showed up on. They made me smile and laugh out loud more than once.

The friendships and family aspect of this whole series has me completely hooked. I want to move there and insert myself into this group of people. The progression of Griff and Breck’s relationship was actually beautiful. Knowing each other as long as they had, it felt natural the way everything happened. The sadness they both endured separately yet worked so hard to heal together. There were times I just wanted to scream at certain characters in this story. So it is safe to say, I experienced just about every emotion possible while reading. I love that, and not wanting to put the book down and definitely not wanting it to end!

I can not recommend reading this whole series high enough. Definitely one of my favorite authors ever and I seriously can’t wait to read book 3 again after finishing this one.


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Practically Pagan – An Alternative Guide to Magical Living by Maria DeBlassie – Review by Debi Kircher

Practically Pagan - An Alternative Guide to Magical LivingPractically Pagan – An Alternative Guide to Magical Living by Maria DeBlassie
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 Stars

I only picked this book up for 2 reasons. The first reason is that I really love reading this author’s writings. Her words just flow together and read so easily and smoothly. The second was pure curiosity. I find myself curious about other people’s beliefs often, and instead of just shaking my head and walking away because it isn’t what I believe, I find myself needing to know more so I can come up with some sort of understanding.

While I still don’t believe in magic, I found myself believing in many things in this book. I found that while reading if I just replaced the word magic with happiness and contentment, that is pretty much what was being talked about. It all made sense when I did that. There are so many things in this book I have struggled with throughout the years, and her steps to ridding yourself of that pressure and stress were spot on. So for this reason I can say I really enjoyed reading this book. The writing was exactly what I’m used to from this author and although it felt in places like things were being repeated too much, I worked my way through that without any issues.

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Fate, Frankincense & Funerals by Naomi Valkyrie – Review by Debi Kircher

Fate, Frankincense & FuneralsFate, Frankincense & Funerals by Naomi Valkyrie
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Fate, Frankincense & Funerals by Naomi Valkyrie

5 ++++ Stars

She did it again! I loved this story and hated when it ended. It was a very quick read yet felt like a much longer book. Miss Valkyrie has a knack for writing quick reads that leave you satisfied and missing nothing. How she packs all the info you need to connect not only to the characters but to the story itself is amazing.

I was hooked at page one. This was a unique take on any shifter story I have ever read. I literally fell in love with ALL of the characters immediately. I must say though that my favorite character in this story was Carissa. Her and Acheron’s time together as he took down all of the details of her life were so amazing. I loved who she was even though her time was drawing near. I truly felt like I was in that room watching these scenes play out. I felt so sad for Acheron as he felt so alone and was forbidden to ever find the mate he so craved.

I’m having a really hard time writing this review. There is so much I want to add as the story keeps playing out in my mind but I am afraid I’ll venture into giving too much away in the process. I will say though that I loved the little twist this author threw in involving Azrael, and that time with Carissa and her story gave him the push he needed to take a chance.

I must say that one of my favorite parts of this whole book is the reverence and honor given to the dying. Where this would normally be a really hard topic this author made it somehow beautiful. I’m in awe!

I would love to see where this story goes, there was enough left at the end of this book to have me really curious about what might come after for Acheron and Errapel, and would love more about Azrael!

I LOVED this book, it still has me thinking about it and replaying the scenes and I really can not wait to read it again! This author is absolutely one of my favorites. Her writing draws me in and makes me step out of my genre comfort zone. That just doesn’t happen very often!

Might be one of my favorites by this author yet! AND THAT COVER!! Beautiful!!

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Check In (Bobbins Sisters Series Book 2) by Debra Parmley – Review by Debi Kircher

Check InCheck In by Debra Parmley
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Check In (Bobbins Sisters Series Book 2) by Debra Parmley

4 Stars

This was a super quick read. I did not read the first in this series and did not need to to follow this story. I feel this story needed to be a bit longer. I was never able to get invested in everything that was going on, and I never connected with Leann at all. She seemed to act younger than her age. I really liked Len though and maybe had there been more to this story I would’ve loved it! I really didn’t like the ending, it felt abrupt to me. I turned the page hoping for an epilogue and was disappointed there was none.

Everything just happened too fast. The bank scene was the highlight of the book, and I loved how that was written, even if it was still a bit quick.

This is my first book by this author and there were things I really liked and will definitely read more in the future.

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Cross-Country Christmas (A Silver Buckle Brides Romance) by Laurie Lewis – Review by Debi Kircher

Cross-Country Christmas (Silver Buckle Brides #1)Cross-Country Christmas by Laurie L.C. Lewis
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Cross-Country Christmas (A Silver Buckle Brides Romance) by Laurie Lewis

5+++++++++ Stars

I’ve been struggling with writing this review because I can not find the words to accurately describe how I feel about this book and this author.

I love this book so much, but I love every single book this author writes so that’s nothing new. I don’t know the words to use but her writing just pulls you in from the first sentence. Smooth flowing, the right words in every place that just flow together perfectly! This book, like the others took me inside and made me feel everything. I saw the scenes as they happened, and felt every single emotion. I smiled, I laughed, I cried, I got angry and felt like I was watching it all play out in person.

I connected immediately with CiCi and Reese, and I have the ranch all set up in my mind! I love how this story took its time, I love how the characters morals were very important to each of them. I loved and laughed out loud at how they tried to keep themselves on course. “The De-stressing plan”. Baking cookies at all hours of the night, Axe-throwing. Their connection was undeniable and I was fighting for them to figure it out as hard as they were. I got worried at the end, but completely loved the ending! I can not wait to read this again.

Reeses family shocked me, I had worries that that was going to be completely different, and Carlos and Emmie won me over just as quick! Would love to have this story continue. I hated when the book ended.

This is one of my favorite authors EVER, I will read anything she writes and I try to have all of her books on my bookshelf, sitting at the top with my other few lifetime favorites!

Read this book, it is a comfortable, feel good story that will have you feeling all the feels!

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Snowfall Serenade (Soul Connection #3) by Nikki Lynn Barrett – Review by Debi Kircher

Snowfall Serenade (Soul Connection, #3)Snowfall Serenade by Nikki Lynn Barrett
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Snowfall Serenade (Soul Connection #3) by Nikki Lynn Barrett

5 Stars

I was so glad to check back in with Scott and Zelda, even though it seems all they do is fight constantly to keep what they have. I actually found myself with tears a few times while reading this continuation of their story. I loved them in book 1 and this book just strengthened that.

This is a unique series that I’m totally invested in and after finishing this one I seriously can’t wait for the next. I have recommended this series to friends and family and truly can’t wait to read them all again back to back!

I can not recommend reading these as stand alones, or out of order. There is history and events in the first two books that you really need to get the full effect of this story! The characters are all present in all 3 and you will be missing out if you don’t read the first 2 before this one.

Loved this and can not wait for more!

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Blood Oath (Mafia Elite, book 2) by Amy McKinley – Review by Debi Kircher

Blood Oath (Mafia Elite, #2)Blood Oath by Amy McKinley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Blood Oath (Mafia Elite, book 2) by Amy McKinley

5 +++++ Stars

Oh Lord, I think I have a new favorite Amy McKinley series!! This one has had my heart racing while reading both this one and the first. I was so looking forward to Sophia and Enzo’s story and I must say there were times I lost my breath while reading. Whether because of the suspense, the danger, the love, or the friendship and sacrifices made by these characters, it took my breath away.

I can not recommend reading this as a stand alone, you need the whole of both books to follow this story. I can, though recommend you take notes after each one if you’re not going to read them back to back. I did, but learned I didn’t write down enough so it took me a bit to check back in and get people, names, and relationships straight. This did not in any way take away from the awesomeness of this story and I can not wait till book 3. I also can not wait to have them all and reread them all at one time.

Phenomenal story, with phenomenal writing.


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Love’s Reverie (The Stardust Duet, Book 2) by KG Fletcher – Review by Debi Kircher

Love's Reverie (The Stardust Duet, #2)Love’s Reverie by K.G. Fletcher
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Love’s Reverie (The Stardust Duet, Book 2) by KG Fletcher

5 ++++++++ Stars

I loved this book so much! Correction, I loved both books in this series so much!! This author sits in the top of my absolute favorites of all time and I will read anything by her, no questions asked. I am a true time travel super fan. I have always been super picky about them and many have not held up to a couple movies I’ve watched and the super famous time travel series that made it to tv. Until now!

Awesome story, that had me guessing almost all the way through. I kept going back and forth on what I thought would happen and what I hoped would happen. I am so glad this author decided to take the leap into this genre, I enjoyed every single word and had so many emotions throughout. I will have these on my bookshelf, and will reread them probably many times in the future.

The connection between Phillip and Kat was amazing. It was built to seem real and I already miss them and will have a hard time getting into another book for a day or two.

Not giving anything away, so I will stop here and stress that these two books are everything, you seriously have to get them and experience this journey and the phenomenal writing style of this author!!

Deserves so many more than 5 stars!

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Red’s Peril Part 1: The making of an MC Prez (Satan’s Devils MC Vegas Chapter) by Manda Mellett – Review by Debi Kircher

Red's Peril Part 1: The Making of an MC Prez (Satan's Devils MC Vegas #1)Red’s Peril Part 1: The Making of an MC Prez by Manda Mellett
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Red’s Peril Part 1: The making of an MC Prez (Satan’s Devils MC Vegas Chapter) by Manda Mellett

5 ++++ stars

I knew that Red had me curious as he popped in to previous books, and I knew I wanted his story. I just didn’t realize how badly I needed his story till I started reading his story!!

Watching the progression of Reds characters told by this author was perfection. So many memories also came back while his story was being told. I already liked Red and hardly knew him, but I knew he was a good guy and now I absolutely love him.

What I love about this author is she always keeps it fresh, even after a million books in the whole of Satan’s Devils which includes all the different chapters. Each one is so different while still keeping the whole Satan’s Devils vibe. The family, the love, the protection, and the fun.

What I dont love is that I don’t have the next one in my hands already! That ending!!!

Red has jumped up to one of my favorites of the Satan’s Devils and I can not wait for the next, Seriously! I truly need it now! LOL

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Snowflakes & Stockings (A Wilton Hills Christmas Book 4) by Marianne Rice – Review by Debi Kircher

Snowflakes & Stockings (A Wilton Hills Christmas, #4)Snowflakes & Stockings by Marianne Rice
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Snowflakes & Stockings (A Wilton Hills Christmas Book 4) by Marianne Rice

5 Stars

This is my first Christmas Book of 2021. I always read as many as I can every year and I’m so glad this was my first. I love when a relationship takes time to build and when there’s obstacles along the way. I enjoyed the investigative part as well and thought it added an interesting twist to the story.

I loved both Liberty and Sawyer and watching the Christmas Spirit work throughout this story put me in holiday mode and I highly recommend picking this one up.

This is my first book by this author and it seems to be a complete standalone even as its book 4 in the series. I will definitely be going back and grabbing the others!

Loved it!!

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Tenacious (Billionaire Bodyguards Book 6) by Via Mari – Review by Debi Kircher

Tenacious (Billionaire Bodyguards # 6)Tenacious by Via Mari
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Tenacious (Billionaire Bodyguards Book 6) by Via Mari

5 ++++ Stars

Ok, this time I really mean it when I say this is my favorite of the series. I say this just about every time I finish one of this author’s books, but I’m really serious this time! LOL

I’m so glad I made notes way back when this series started because every book follows a back story even when each spotlights a different couple. Characters from all of the Bodyguards series and even those series that came before tend to pop up unexpectedly throughout. This one was intense and had me gripping my kindle all the way through. As usual I read it in one sitting because this author’s books are impossible to put down. I’ve read almost all of her books and will never pass one up. How she keeps every one of them fresh and new I’ll never understand and always has me wanting to go back and read all of them all over again! Allie was so strong and I felt I connected to her even quicker than others. This had it all..Danger, Suspense, Romance, more danger, more suspense and I loved every single word.

You could read this as a standalone as this author does a fantastic job with making each feel like the first, but there is still so much you’d be missing by not reading them all.

Fantastic addition to this series!! I loved it!!

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Weep, Woman, Weep: A Gothic Fairytale about Ancestral Hauntings by Maria DeBlassie – Review by Debi Kircher

Weep, Woman, WeepWeep, Woman, Weep by Maria DeBlassie
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Weep, Woman, Weep: A Gothic Fairytale about Ancestral Hauntings by Maria DeBlassie

5 +++++++ Stars

I picked up this book purely off the cover! I wasn’t sure I would connect to it because of the genre but took a chance because it wasn’t a long book. I’ve read a couple other books by this author and they were good, but THIS ONE?? It truly might be one of my favorite books this year, and I’ve read some pretty awesome books so far this year, I guarantee though that this sits up with my top faves.

Not sure if it was the way it was written but I’m pretty sure that plays a huge part. It felt like I was sitting at a table with a friend and she was telling me her story! I seriously hated when this book ended, I could have read on for hours. I’m really hoping this author decides to add another book to this story. It flowed beautifully and I kept trying to slow myself down, but that was impossible.

If you’re looking for a book that has just about everything you could ever want in a story then pick this up today! The emotions depicted are amazing and you find yourself feeling every one of them.

Loved it so so much! Can not wait to read it again!

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Stand Your Ground by A. J. Ullman – Review by Debi Kircher

Stand Your GroundStand Your Ground by A.J. Ullman
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Stand Your Ground by A. J. Ullman

4 Stars

I truly enjoyed the storyline that went with this book. I will admit though I skipped through alot because it would veer off quite often and there were many pages of this book I didn’t feel like I needed for the actual story.

It was a very current book, mentioning many things that caught me off guard because these things are recent or going on now in this world and I liked that.

I loved the characters, I got a good grasp of all of them and that made me enjoy this story even more. I never knew what was going to happen next and that was proven especially through the last half of the book. It was fast moving when it was the actual story being told and I love the writing style and will definitely be coming back for more books by this author!

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Saratoga Roan by Bree M. Lewandowski – Review by Debi Kircher

Saratoga RoanSaratoga Roan by Bree M. Lewandowski
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Saratoga Roan by Bree M. Lewandowski

5 Stars

This is my second book by this author and I stayed up too late finishing it, then trying to figure out the words to use to explain why it was I loved this book so much. It was a short read that I thought I could go to bed, get it started then finish today, but no, I read the whole thing. I love that although it was short, it was full of content. It was meat and potatoes and no spice and I couldn’t put it down. You expect a short story like this to be an instant love story without a lot of bulk to it. This story had a rich storyline that moved quickly yet had so much going on with the ranch, the horses, the characters, the connections (both good, bad, and sad) and I appreciated that. I truly did not want the story to end and still hope there’s more to come for all of these characters. I truly loved it and highly recommend!

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