Come Back Tomorrow (Embrace Tomorrow Duet Book 1) by Amy Argent – Review by Debi Kircher

Come Back Tomorrow (Embrace Tomorrow, #1)Come Back Tomorrow by Amy Argent
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 +++++++ Stars

I finished this book and would normally come right in and write a review. I couldn’t do that with this one. The very first thing I did was one click book 2. I had to read some of that because it was like I had quit breathing after the first.

I normally shy away from anything too sad, anything to do with anyone having the big “C”. I will say that other readers’ reviews for this book is what reeled me in, and the cover kept drawing me back to it. I’m especially shocked that I chose to read this in the times we are living in.

I was hooked on the first paragraph! I hated every single time I had to put this book down, and it never left my mind till I picked it back up. I was completely shocked that this is this author’s first book. I still can’t believe it. It was written as well if not better than many best selling books out there today. Authors with a whole list of books do not have anything on this author. I can tell this was written with a lot of emotion, care, and love. I felt every bit of that. Will and Tori **sigh** first I’ll start with Tori. I walked in her shoes with her this whole book. I fell to my knees with her through this whole book. Her character was written so beautifully and her strength was everything! She was everything Will didnt want around him, yet needed her even though he fought not to. Reading the building of this connection felt completely natural and I cried alot, lost my breath a lot and worried a lot. I also though smiled, and laughed. The interaction between these two was simple perfection in my eyes.

I also want to mention Jenny, I loved her, her character was very strong in this book. I felt her struggle with things I suspected, being torn the way she was I can’t even imagine and don’t know that Id have had the strength to keep those lines from getting blurred.

I loved this book. I already love this author, and I’m so thankful I read it. It’s not all depressing and sad. It’s a journey of a growing love, and a whole lot of hope that never got lost in the mix. It was a lot of people’s reality, and I am so thankful I have the next one sitting right here on my kindle, because waiting for it would probably ruin me!

Many thanks to this author for giving me this book. I know I will be reading this again in the future. I can confidently say this is one of my top 3 books of 2021!

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