Degrees of Power ( A Prestian Series Book 4) by Via Mari – Review by Tausha Treadway

Degrees of Power (Prestian Series, #4)Degrees of Power by Via Mari
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Degrees of Power ( A Prestian Series Book 4) by Via Mari. I LOVED this series and I’m so sad to see it end. This story wrapped everything up nicely from the others. It picks back up with Kat & Chase and their hot & heavy love for one another. Kat is coming to grips with the fact that in the bedroom she can be a totally different person from the strong, powerful businesswoman she is. She can let loose and she likes it making Chase so happy. They are still dealing with their fathers trying to capture Alfreita and all the dangers that come with it. He is still a huge threat to their safety. Kat must also deal with the repercussions of them still after him. In the end will she finally give her all to Chase and trust him completely? This is such a great series and I loved them all.

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