Eastern Shore Swingers Books 1-3 (Box Set) by Phoebe Alexander – Review by Caralee Loonat

Eastern Shore Swingers Books 1-3 (Boxed Set)Eastern Shore Swingers Books 1-3 by Phoebe Alexander
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Eastern Shore Swingers Books 1-3 (Box Set) By Phoebe Alexander

4 Stars!!!!

If you are looking for something different and want to push your boundaries just a little then this is the box set for you. I was just lost in this series from book one. I found that the author has a real unique writing style that really handles the subject well. I quite found myself relating to the characters and finding that even though I would not actually delve into the type of world she has created that I still could enjoy reading about.

The characters really get endeared to the reader and their lifestyle isn’t brought in the readers face but slowly introduced. I find that you are able to really delve into the books and let your imagination run with you. I definitely recommend this series to delve into the fantasies that you are too afraid to really act out but love to read about. This author is definitely one of my top favorite authors and I will definitely be reading more from her and hopefully this series.

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