Finding Juniper (Smoke Series Book #3) by Sadia Ash – Review by Angela Hayes.

Finding JuniperFinding Juniper by Sadia Ash
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Finding Juniper is the third book in the Smoke series by Sadia Ash. I was so excited to find that this book had finally been released, as I had been waiting to continue Juniper and Kyle’s story. I loved the first two books, so I did have quite a lot of expectation for this one. I am happy to say that this story was worth the wait and Ms. Ash lived up to all my expectations, delivering a captivating story that had me hooked from the very first page.
As with the first two books, the characters are complex, well-developed individuals with their own quirks and flaws. They were completely believable, and very easy to get emotionally invested in. They were so well written, and I loved how they continued to develop and grow over the course of the series. There were times they frustrated me so badly that I really wanted to knock their heads together and tell them to get their acts together, but I adored them non-the-less.
The story has a lot going on in it, but in a good way- Ms. Ash masterfully choreographs all the elements into a smooth and engrossing read. There was plenty of emotion, suspense, tension, drama, chemistry, steam, and some humour- which made for an exciting read!
I really can’t wait to see what Ms. Ash does next!

Thank you, Ms. Ash!


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