A Terrible Beauty by T. Birmingham – Review by Lisa Helmick

A Terrible Beauty (Fallen Eagles MC Book 1)A Terrible Beauty by T. Birmingham
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A Terrible Beauty (Fallen Eagles MC Book 1)
By T. Birmingham
Rated 4 stars

I loved the idea of this book. A female former military who has PTSD? You don’t read that everyday. So I was intrigued. The story was good but couldn’t connect with the characters. I had a hard time keeping my focus. I’m not sure what it was but the story didn’t seem to flow easily. I did get through it fairly quickly. The idea of what these prisoners of war endured and then dealing with the aftermath was thought provoking. How can they cope functioning normal again? What about the big secret that the characters have been hiding all these years? When it comes to light who will be left standing?

I did wonder at the name of the book. A Terrible Beauty….I understand now and how well it’s a perfect title for this book. The characters did grow and had as many ups as they do downs. A couple of the characters started out very rough. Reliving the war. Dealing with everyday life. There were quite a few nice lessons about learning how to live with yourself and becoming better, smarter and stronger. I did enjoy the little bantering about Harley’s and Triumph’s that the two main characters did. As well as the names of the Markham daughters! This does have a nice romantic angle between a few of the characters. They all seem to be connected from their past and their present.

I will be checking out the second book in the series.

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