A Terrible Beauty (Fallen Eagles MC Series Book 1) by T. Birmingham – Review by Debi Kircher

A Terrible Beauty (Fallen Eagles MC Book 1)A Terrible Beauty by T. Birmingham
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A Terrible Beauty (Fallen Eagles MC Series Book 1) by T. Birmingham

5 Stars

WOW!! This is my 3rd read by this author…Its been awhile since I have picked up the other 2 books and I totally forgot just how much I love this author. This book had me completely hooked and as I was reading I found myself going back to make sure I had every single detail correct. When I finished I had to go back and look at my reviews for the other 2 and was not surprised that those 2 books completely blew me away as well.

This story was outstanding and I went in knowing it was an MC story but so impressed at how different this author treated this MC, it’s not like any other I have ever read, and although I will always love my MC books I also love the direction this author went. A few scenes were hard to read and I found myself flinching and would have definitely closed my eyes had I been watching these scenes on TV, but I fell head over heels for these characters and Kits story about broke me and Lee listening to it was so emotional, I had tears more than once and there was a twist to this book that came right out of left field, had no clue and was absolutely not expecting it.

I’m not going into any more details about the story itself, it needs to be read to fully appreciate it and I can not wait to dive in to book 2. Take my advice and read this story, better yet read all of this author’s stories…They are amazing and although I can’t put into words what it is about the style of writing I can say I love love love it!!

Now..onto book 2…..

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