Full Glasses and Burju Shoes by Blake Blessing – Review by Tracy Wilkin

Full Glasses and Burju ShoesFull Glasses and Burju Shoes by Blake Blessing
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Full Glasses and Burju Shoes by Blake Blessing is a novel that is an emotional journey of honour, duty, sacrifice, pain, despair, healing, acceptance, moving forward, seduction, charisma, chemistry, limitless love and capacity for forgiveness oneself. I have not read a book by this author, and I swear that this is just the beginning of my exploration of this author’s work. I was stunned beyond comprehension. This story was so realistic, so heartfelt, so humbling. It really made me realise how lucky I am and how much our armed service personnel sacrifice for our freedom. The horrors of war were never more apparent. You usually get the combat stories, not the aftermath of when they try to re-enter civilian life. I could not turn away, and the only time I stopped reading was when the tears blinded me.

The characters in this story were made for each other. Emil has come home broken and unsure of his future. Perrin wants a lot and is never afraid to take the bull by the horns and try her hand at adrenalin soaked activities. She likes what she sees when she runs into Emil. Their beginning was shaky, and the many stumbling blocks put in their path seemed impossible to conquer. They touched fire, they were burned. They survived. I was never sure how their story would end, and sometimes found it so hard to continue because my heart was breaking for them, but Blake Blessing has such a way with words, iy was physically and emotionally impossible to not read to the end. I was Full Glasses and Burju Shoes. I didn’t know anything but Emil and Perrin’s journey. It had everything and when I finished, I felt like I was put through the wringer. But what a beautiful experience reading this story was. It was unforgettable. I will never forget how I felt, the way the characters smashed their way into my heart. I will cherish all these memories and never let go, as they are so rare and precious. 5 stars.

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