Everyday Enchantments: Musings on Ordinary Magic & Daily Conjuring Maria DeBlassie – review by Natalie Hanley

Everyday EnchantmentsEveryday Enchantments by Maria F. DeBlassie
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I chose to read this book because I thought the title was intriguing. Everyone is looking for an everyday enchantment, some ordinary magic in the normality of daily life. I wasn’t sure if it was going to be a fantastical story or memoirs of a modern woman, it turned out to be a bit of both in my opinion.
Through a series of essays, Maria DeBlassie invites us to look at the everyday with new eyes, I guess you could say this is similar to the mindfulness trend that is so popular, or perhaps it’s one step further. I had never tried meditation, but I do suffer with anxiety so thought this book might be an easy way to try it out. I was not disappointed. Although it took me a good chapter to get used to the style of writing, the subject kept me turning the pages. I also found myself wanting to go back and reread certain sections. It will not be a one off read for me, hopefully it is the start of a journey.

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