Shadow's Keep: A NovelShadow’s Keep: A Novel by Meghan O’Flynn
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I am truly amazed by this author. Everything I read by her keeps getting better and better. Shadow’s Keep by Meghan O’Flynn follows Deputy Sheriff William Shannahan. When he finds the body of a child in the woods while he was running William is determined to find the actual killer, especially when the Medical Examiner advises that the child was killed by a dog. However, this animal would have had to have very large paws and be able to remove the child’s eyes. This story also follows William’s girlfriend Cassie. Cassie has a son about the same age as the victim. Cassie has some underlying issues that have been pushed far back in her mind and when this murder happens, those issues come out. The only thing for William to do is to protect her and her son while the investigation takes place because there is a lot that is discovered and comes out. Both of these characters have their own personalities that make this story even more interesting. I love the way that this author writes. She is so completely descriptive that it is entirely captivating. She sucks you in and the only way out is to finish this book. Yes, it’s a page turner that has lots of twists and turns that you can imagine. I cannot wait to read the next book from this author. She has become one of my favorite writers and will definitely recommend this book and any others by her.

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