A Tendency Dark and Dangerous by Emmalyn Danvers – Review by Michelle Mulvey

A Tendency Dark and DangerousA Tendency Dark and Dangerous by Emmalyn Danvers
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A tendency dark and dangerous by Emmalyn Danvers is a novel written in verse. I have never read a novel written in verse before nor have a read a book by this author before. I thought the book was well written. It really wasn’t my cup of tea if you know what I’m saying but, the author did a good job describing the scenes and the feelings.

Addictions come in all shapes and forms. One could be addicted to gambling, drugs, alcohol or even a person. In this book, Evangeline finds an addiction in this book that is hard to break. She seemed to have it all. A great job, a sweet, caring boyfriend and awesome friends. Is she willing to lose it all for her addiction?

Landon Kelly is a dark and mysterious person she meets at an art gallery. Her life changes when she meets him. She is living a double life but soon that will change. Will it be a happy ending or will she lose everything?

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