An Improper Encounter (The Macalister’s Book 3) by Erica Taylor – Review by Emma Morreale

An Improper Encounter (The Macalisters, #3)An Improper Encounter by Erica Taylor
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I was skeptical and excited to see that this book was going to focus on Sarah. From what I’ve read of her in the first two books, she seemed like she was the most obsessed with societal rules and I wasn’t sure I liked her too much. She seemed like no fun at all but after this book, I see her in a whole new light. Sarah became a mother to her siblings when their mother passed and left them all orphans. She knows that any mistake she makes will have negative consequences for her sisters that have yet to marry and she will do nothing to risk the future of her siblings. Even if that means denying herself happiness.
I really loved Sarah’s interactions with William Gordon. This showed the realest and most true parts of who she is and who she won’t show the rest of the world. William seems to be a perfect match for her and wants to do anything he can to make up for the love she never had with her late husband. But everything goes wrong in the worst possible way and I honestly think this book threw me for a loop wayyyyy more than the other two.
My husband actually got irritated with me because I was ignoring him in order to finish this book.

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